We at AUCD recognize the power of personal stories. They help to create a shared understanding of who we are and how we live our lives. They help us celebrate our successes and document our challenges. Stories empower us.

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From time to time we’ll put out a call for help, especially if we see an opportunity to make a positive impact on public policy. Your stories are needed to help others understand the implications of potential program and service changes. Your stories of how you see and navigate the world can make a difference. We hope you’ll find value in joining our online community.



Families met with Ohio Senator Rob Portman's DC staff June 20th to share our Medicaid story


Troy Deserves a Self-determined Life of Choice, But He'll Need Support to Get There

"It's so frustrating to have your child's future in the hands of those who don't understand the struggles special needs parents face. We rely on a village of support, and we don't take for granted the power government has over our children's fate."



Andreas has Friends in the Community and Proudly Votes in Every Election!

"I am nearly 74, and Andreas's stepfather is nearly 80. I have a heart condition and two autoimmune disorders, but with good health insurance, we are doing well. Andreas has a good life in the community because of the existence of Medicaid Waivers for long-term services and supports. Without that, everything would fall apart!"



What if he can't work and neither can I?

I am worried about my son's services being reduced below their already minimal levels. I am worried about services beyond medical... Community based services are less expensive and preferable to all. I am worried about my son's future and his ability to work and pay taxes, if there are no supports available for him.



I Thought Medicaid Was for Other People. Then We Had Joe.

" ...If the wait for a Medicaid waiver is already this long and stressful, we can't imagine what it will be if the federal funding is cut. We have friends in their 20s and 30s who are still waiting, cared for by aging parents fueled only by love and hope."

My kids


Cindy Cook: Mother of Three

"My son has Medicaid as a secondary insurance. Only because of Medicaid can we afford all the therapy and medical care he needs. He currently excels in school and is on his way to becoming a productive member of society who can contribute back into the system as an adult. Unfortunately my daughter, who needs the same therapies and medications, does not currently qualify. Without Medicaid to help pay for medications and therapies, her quality of life will be drastically different from that of her brother."



Medicaid Supports Help Linda Live and Work in the Community

"Without paid supports from Medicaid, Linda could not remain in her own apartment, continue to work and be a contributing tax paying citizen."

Justice Ender speaking


Justice Ender: College Graduate, Taxpayer, Medicaid Beneficiary

"I currently pay far more in taxes than I use in Medicaid each year, but if my Medicaid assistance is taken away, I will have to quit working because the supports it provides are essential to my daily life."


Share Your Story

Stories help us celebrate our successes and document our challenges. Stories empower us.

Share Your Story


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7/13/2017 #DoNoHarm --> #SaveMedicaid!

The US Senate majority leadership unveiled the revised Better Care Reconciliation Act (BRCA) on 7/12 and a vote is expected on July 20.
Don't let up. Tell your Senators that the Better Care Reconciliation Act is BAD POLICY that will cause great harm for millions of Americans.

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