What We Need - Gary Heckert

June 15, 2020

My name is Gary Heckert. I live in Newark, Delaware, I am the parent of an adult with autism, intellectual disabilities, and behavior challenges who lives in an apartment in our town with round-the-clock staff. My greatest concern in this COVID-19 world is what will happen to him if his staff are unable to report for work. His emotional stability and well-being are highly dependent on maintenance of routine, including familiar staff who understand his spoken and unspoken communication. Our state developmental disabilities system does not have sufficient PPE to ensure the health and safety of clients and staff alike. It is important that adequate supplies of PPE are available to both clients and providers to keep all safe and well. I know you are working on the fourth relief package for COVID-19. I want to learn more about how you are going to help people with disabilities in this package. Thank you very much for your time.