What We Need - Mary Katherine Magnoli

April 20, 2020

My name is Mary Katherine Magnoli and I am a person with a physical disability. I am from Aventura, Florida. The COVID-19 emergency has me advocating from home. I am worried about this because I have devoted over a decade of my life to reaching as many people as I can. Now, with so many businesses closed, many of my projects are on hold making it hard for me to make an impact. Therefore I am only left with the option of speaking on my Facebook page video and the occasional article opportunity to get my message across of inclusion and anti-bullying. These are unparalleled times where a person with a disability is being looked at very differently since we are the one susceptible of this virus. Since the beginning of this pandemic I have noticed that more so than ever the perception society has on us has taken a very big downfall turn into fear.

I want to learn more about how you are going to help society not succumb to the idea that we are the enemy. We for now need to have social distancing physically but emotionally we all need to stay united. This is the only way for my advocacy and for all other advocates to make a difference.