AUCD 2020 staff photoAUCD Staff at the 2020 Holiday Luncheon:
L-R (back row): Rylin Rodgers, Anna Costalas, Jamie Koenig, Denise Rozell, Liz Weintraub, John Tschida, Katie Johnson, Jennifer Tuell, Adriane Griffen, Danielle Augustin, Dorothy Garcia, Emma Fox, Harpur Schwartz, Caitlyn Conklin, Maureen Johnson,  Gwendolyn Clark, Laura Martin, Sidarth Nagaraj, Jordan Kerr, Natalie Martinez, Aryana Jones, Lex Owen, Hannah Getachew-Smith, and Danielle Webber.

(Not shown):

Oksana Klimova, Troy Washington, Dawn Rudolph, Tanisha Clarke, Sarah DeMaio, Jackie Czyzia, Lauren Blachowiak, Betsey Howe, and Sue Wolf-Fordam.


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John Tschida, MPP

Executive Director | Executive Team

Tanisha Clarke, MPH

Senior Manager, Disability and Public Health | Public Health Team

Caitlyn Conklin

Operations and Meetings Assistant | Operations and Meetings Team

Jeanette Córdova

Program Manager

Anna Costalas, MPA

Resource and Dissemination Manager | Communications and Information Dissemination

Jackie Czyzia, MPH

Senior Program Manager, MCH Technical Assistance | MCH TA Team

Sarah DeMaio, MSW

Senior Program Manager | UCEDD TA Team

Adriane K. Griffen, DrPH, MPH, MCHES

Senior Director, Public Health & Leadership | Public Health Team

Maureen Johnson

Program Specialist | UCEDD and MCH TA Teams

Katie Johnson, MPA

Program Specialist | UCEDD TA Team

Aryana Jones

Communications Assistant | Communications and Information Dissemination

Jordan A. Kerr, BSPH

Program Specialist | Public Health Team

Dana Kim

AIR-P Program Assistant | AIR-P Team

Oksana Klimova, M.Sc. Appl. Math

Director of Web Services | Web Services and Data Coordination

Jamie Koenig

URC Team Specialist | UCEDD and MCH TA Teams

Solomon Lissanu, MA

Data Manager | Web Services and Data Coordination

Michele Lunsford, MA

Director of Communications, Events and Development

Philip Maglo

Senior Research Coordinator | AIR-P Team

Siddarth Nagaraj, MALD

Senior Program Specialist | Global Impact and Policy

Denise Rozell, JD

Director of Policy Innovation | Education and Employment Team

Dawn Rudolph, MSEd

Senior Director, Technical Assistance & Network Engagement | UCEDD and MCH TA Teams

John Tschida, MPP

Executive Director | Executive Team

Jennifer Tuell, MA

Executive and Accessibility Specialist | Executive Team

E. Troy Washington, MPA, JD

Chief Financial & Operating Officer | Finance and Grants

Danielle Webber, MSW

Senior Manager | Public Health Team

Liz Weintraub

Senior Advocacy Specialist | Public Policy Team

Sara Bovat MSW
2021-2022 AUCD Policy Fellow

Elizabeth McCormick

COVID-19 Project Staff

Danielle Augustin, MS, CHWC
Program Manager for the Technical Assistance and Training Center on Disability Inclusion in Emergency Preparedness

Lauren Blachowiak, MEd
Program Manager

Hannah Getachew-Smith, MPH, CHES
Act Early Response to COVID-19 Project Evaluator

Elizabeth (Betsey) Howe, PhD
CDC Fellow for the Act Early Response to COVID-19 Project

Harpur Schwartz, MSPH, CHES, CLC
Act Early/COVID-19 Program Specialist

Sue Wolf-Fordham, JD, MPA
Senior Manager, National Technical Assistance Center on Disability Inclusion and Emergency Preparedness