Oksana Klimova, M.Sc. Appl. Math

Director of Web Services
Phone: 301-588-8252

Oksana Klimova, M.Sc. Appl. Math

Oksana has over 15 years of experience in all aspects of web application development, with extensive technical, management, and leadership skills. Hands-on technologist with a strong working knowledge of Internet, database technologies, and information architecture. Skilled in planning, scheduling, estimating, and monitoring projects progress. Management experience consists of directing and coordinating all project work done by lower level staff and/or contract personnel. At AUCD she is responsible for managing and maintaining AUCD representation online, managing of all AUCD databases, training AUCD staff on using AUCD online resources and content management tools. Strategically, she is responsible that AUCD keeps up with the rapidly developing internet technology.

She received a 2005 Web Awards for Outstanding Achievement in Website Development for technical lead and implementation of the websites for the Harry S. Truman Scholarship Foundation and the Meyer Foundation. In 2013 website Public Health is for Everyone (www.phetoolkit.org) won the Bronze in the Web Health Awards web-based resource tool category. Content for the website was developed by AUCD team. The website developed under the CDC cooperative agreement.

Prior to joining AUCD, Oksana was Senior Project Manager and Business Analyst at Bridgeline Software Inc.

Oksana holds an MS in Applied Mathematics and a BS in Computer Science from Moscow State University, Russia.