AUCD Brand Guidelines & Logos


We are excited to share AUCD's new brand guidelines! The brand guidelines include information about the AUCD brand, our new logo and colors, how to ensure accessibility across platforms, and more. We hope that you use the guidelines as a resource on how to promote the brand and how to engage people about the work of the AUCD Network. Please make note of the updated logo and color changes and update your Center's/Program's web pages and other materials accordingly.

Download the AUCD Brand Guidelines

Download the AUCD Logo in Various Formats

  • Logos for online use and print materials: Download logos for use in online promotions, social media, as links on your web pages, or in print materials with AUCD approval. A brief overview of AUCD's logo guidelines and usage on pages 6 and 7 of the brand guidelines.

Promoting the AUCD Brand

AUCD encourages member organizations to collaborate in promoting the AUCD name and logo. By including the AUCD logo and language about your relationship to the AUCD Network in your online and print communications you can enhance the promotion of your own program by:

  • Showing that you are linked to a larger, national Network
  • Demonstrating that you have a presence in Washington, DC
  • Demonstrating that you have access to the experience and knowledge of a broad network of organizations doing similar work and the ability to call on those resources when needed

Page 18 of the brand guidelines provides tips for AUCD member organizations to strengthen their links to AUCD, build their own name recognition, and contribute to the development of the AUCD brand.

If you have any questions, please email Michele Lunsford at [email protected].