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AUCD Weekly: Updates every Wednesday for the AUCD Network

AUCD Weekly
AUCD Weekly is an online newsletter that is shared via email to AUCD network members every Wednesday with the latest announcements, funding opportunities and resources. Submitting a news update to AUCD Weekly is a great way to highlight the most important, timely updates for the entire network. AUCD Weekly is sent via email to members only.


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Disability Policy News
Disability Policy News is AUCD's bi-weekly public policy update. Featuring updates on key legislation, Disability Policy News will tell you everything you need to know about what is happening in Congress on issues affecting people with disabilities and their families. Disability Policy News is published every other Monday while Congress is in session. 


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Developments is a bi-annual newsletter for Autism CARES Network grantees. Published by AUCD's Interdisciplinary Technical Assistance Center on Autism and Developmental Disabilities (ITAC) in partnership with AMCHP's State Public Health Autism Resource Center (SPHARC), this newsletter allows grantees and partners to share current news, activities, events, research, and accomplishments in autism and related developmental disabilities with program faculty, students, and supporters. Sections of the newsletter are regularly devoted to each of the grantee groups (research, states, LEND training and DBP training), as well as MCHB and our collaborating partners.

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AUCD 360
AUCD 360 is a monthly newsletter highlighting the news, initiatives, and events of the AUCD Network. Submitting an article to AUCD 360 is a great opportunity for network members to showcase their activities, new research developments, trainee and faculty awards, events, and other accomplishments of interest to the entire network and many others in the disabilities field.

Inclusive Public Health Quarterly


Inclusive Public Health Quarterly
Inclusive Public Health Quarterly Subscription is an online, bimonthly publication highlighting the latest news from the National Center on Disability in Public Health. Contents do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of our funders. This publication is distributed through a listserve hosted by AUCD.

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Act Early Network News
Act Early Network News is a quarterly newsletter that keeps you up-to-date with the Act Early Network of Ambassadors, state system projects, and state teams. Act Early Network News supports you and the work in your state to improve early identification of developmental delays or concerns in young children, utilizing CDC’s Learn the Signs. Act Early. Program.

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Nutrition is for Everyone Newsletter [Archived]
The Nutrition is for Everyone Newsletter, formerly a monthly online publication, was created to provide resources and updates from the Ambassadors of the Nutrition is for Everyone pilot project. Effective June 2018, this listserve will serve as an open discussion forum for the Nutrition is for Everyone Special Interest Group (SIG). Subscribers can now collaborate on or share resources on nutrition and disability, including events and success stories of programs or activities that are inclusive of people with disabilities regarding nutrition.