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The Nutrition is for Everyone (NIFE) pilot project (2016-2018) was funded by the Walmart Foundation to provide nutrition education for people with disabilities (PWD). NIFE was launched in four states (Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Tennessee) where PWD are least likely to consume fruits and vegetables daily and are therefore most in need of nutrition education and support. The state of Mississippi was included in year two (2017-2018) of the project. Each state had a local Nutrition Ambassador with varying levels of nutrition and disability knowledge and expertise, and Deputy Ambassadors to help with the nutrition education efforts. The Ambassadors also partnered with local and state organizations and stakeholders to create and support opportunities for policy change and advocacy. Between 2016 and 2018, NIFE reached over 300,000 people with and without disabilities through efforts such as social media outreach, television appearances, news articles, workshops, and the NIFE newsletter.

Announcing the Nutrition Special Interest Group (SIG)

The Nutrition SIG was launched in June 2018 because of this effort and the expressed interest of the network. The SIG's listserve will serve as an open discussion forum.  Subscribers can now collaborate on or share resources on nutrition and disability, including events and success stories of programs or activities that are inclusive of people with disabilities regarding nutrition.

*If you were receiving the Nutrition is for Everyone Newsletter prior to May 2018, you will remain on the listserve to continue collaboration.

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The Nutrition SIG listserve is created to promote discussion on nutrition and disability. Subscribers can collaborate on and share nutrition resources, relevant health policy updates, issues affecting nutritional health, and more.


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