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The AUCD DREAM Fund, which stands for Disability Rights Education and Advocacy Mobilization, sends self-advocates to in-person events in Washington, DC by covering the costs of registration and travel. The AUCD DREAM Fund amplifies the voices that matter in our movement to help advance issues for people with disabilities.

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Autism research is a family affair: Steps toward increasing inclusion and diversity

As a research team working with children and adolescents with autism in the Bronx, a racially, ethnically and culturally diverse borough of New York City, we have seen the significant barriers to research participation that families in our area face. Research is an essential step toward improving outcomes of individuals with autism. When research involves children, parents and caregivers make major contributions to the study process by enrolling their children in research, carving out time to bring their children to the research setting, and providing important information about the child's strengths, needs, and developmental and intervention histories. Unfortunately, the racial and ethnic diversity of the US population is not well-represented in many research studies and research findings often do not generalize to excluded groups. This lack of representation in research contributes to health disparities.





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AIR-P Presents: Environmental Health and Gene-Environment in Relation to Autism

AIR-P Presents: Environmental Health and Gene-Environment in Relation to Autism  Copy to Calendar

Tuesday, December 20, 2022
4:00pm ET - 5:00pm ET
Location: Zoom

This presentation will review literature on environmental factors, and gene-environment interactions, for autism and related traits and discuss gaps and needs for future research studies. Topics will include: -How do environmental factors contribute to Autism? -Autism comes from both genetic and environmental factors, though few studies have examined them jointly. -Future research needs to more frequently examine modifiable exposures and impacts on traits and disabilities associated with autism.

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