Tuesdays with Liz


'Tuesdays with Liz' is a weekly video series highlighting current issues in disability policy.  It is hosted by Liz Weintraub, a long-time disability advocate, and produced by AUCD.  

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Recent Episodes



Tuesdays with Liz: Accommodating Employees and Creating Access for Customers with Walmart's Russell Shaffer

"One person's convenience is another person's access." Russell Shaffer, Director of Global Culture, Diversity & Inclusion at Walmart Inc, spoke with Liz about the importance of large businesses like Walmart accommodating ALL of their employees, and considering how their products and services help ALL of their customers, including people with disabilities.



Tuesdays with Liz: The ADA, Marca Bristo, and The Wheelchair Rule with Senator Duckworth

Senator Tammy Duckworth, veteran and ADA advocate, talked with Liz about The Wheelchair Rule, which was passed into law in December 2018.



Tuesdays with Liz: The DD Act in Alabama with Linda Russo and James Tucker

Liz visited Alabama to see what these three groups look like in that state. Linda Russo is from the Alabama UCEDD which is at the Civitan International Research Center & Sparks Clinics. James Tucker is from the Alabama Disabilities Advocacies Program which is the P&A in Alabama.



Tuesdays with Liz: Language Access Plan with Shante Dannil

AUCD�s 2019 summer Health Equity Fellow, Shante Dannil from the Youth Health Equity Model of Practice at US Health and Human Services' Office of Minority Health, describes what a Language Access Plan is and how it can help people with disabilities and individuals with limited-English-proficiency.


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