Council on Research and Evaluation (CORE)



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The CORE serves as a focus for the identification and discussion of issues regarding research and evaluation; serves as a representative voice of the research and evaluation activities within the AUCD Network; and influences the development and implementation of initiatives relevant to achieving and sustaining appropriate research and evaluation activities to guide the development of national policies.


How CORE Relates to AUCD and Its Work

The CORE fulfills its purpose and the mission of AUCD and its constituent membership by serving as a conduit for technical assistance, providing input into policy, and engaging in other support activities deemed necessary to advance the mandate for research and evaluation. The Council helps the association to:

  • Set and accomplish its research goals specified in the AUCD Strategic Map.
  • Carry out training activities to inform network members on important and emerging research and evaluation topics.
  • Develop the research capacity of each network member to conduct quality research and sound evaluation activities.
  • Identify topics of common interests to network members and develop recommendations to the AUCD Board.
  • Lead the Network in involving people with disabilities and their family members to participate in research and evaluation activities.



The Council on Research and Evaluation, known as CORE, is made up of individuals whose work is related to or who is interested in research and evaluation. CORE members are from each Center and program across the AUCD network. Membership is open to anyone in the AUCD network who chooses to join the CORE by selecting the CORE in their AUCD Directory. Each network member can also designate an individual representative who will cast one vote when a matter before the Council requires such an action. Members of the CORE are expected to attend the membership meeting during AUCD Annual Conferences and quarterly conference calls.


2018 Focus Areas

The 2018 CORE annual plan includes:

  • Involving individuals with disabilities as researchers in research teams by developing recommendations for working with university IRBs, by sponsoring a Driving Change session on this topic during the 2018 AUCD Conference, and by editing a book focusing on participatory research.
  • Providing training to Network members on how to evaluate the UCEDD core grants.
  • Develop recommendations to the Network on accessible methods of data visualization for people with disabilities.

CORE Leadership

Chair: Vanessa Hiratsuka, PhD, MPH

Email: vanessah at

Vice Chair: Katey Burke, PhD

Email: kburke at

Secretary: Ashley Jacinth Ogbonna-Salmon, MPH

Trainee Rep: Conner Black

Email: connerjb at


AUCD Liaison: Dana Kim, emaildkim at aucd dot org


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