Mission, Vision, and Values


AUCD envisions a future in which all people, including those living with developmental and other disabilities, are fully included, participating members of their communities. We see equitable access to supports and services that reflect the preferences and values of diverse communities and that lead to self-determination, independence, productivity, and a healthy and satisfying quality of life.


AUCD's mission is to advance policies and practices that improve the health, education, social, and economic well-being of all people with developmental and other disabilities, their families, and their communities by supporting our members in research, education, health, and service activities that achieve our vision.

AUCD and its member organizations value:

  • the participation of people with disabilities, family members, trainees, staff, and faculty in their programs, governance, and leadership;
  • the broad cultural and linguistic diversity in our nation, its territories, and tribal communities;
  • diversity that is inclusive of race, ethnicity, culture, age, disability, religion, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation and socio-economic status;
  • self-determination of people with disabilities;
  • individual and family-centered care;
  • cultural and linguistic competence in our services and supports, training activities, research, and dissemination efforts;
  • the recognition of interdependence and mutual reliance of all individuals within the contexts of their communities 
  • the view of disability as a natural part of the human experience across all ages, cultures, and identities. 



AUCD Staff Values Statement on Culture and Diversity

In 2013, AUCD embarked on a journey to better examine our cultural and linguistic competence as an organization and office. As part of that journey, staff thoughtfully developed our own values statement on culture and diversity.

Values Statement

AUCD Staff Values Statement on Culture and Diversity

Developed by AUCD staff to guide our daily actions, we agree to:

  1. Respect both the universal and distinct experiences of the human condition.
  2. Recognize and nurture personal awareness and discovery in the ongoing journey to understand and accept diverse perspectives.
  3. Proactively cultivate open-mindedness and embrace opportunities to challenge cultural and linguistic barriers and inequities in all activities.
  4. Actively pursue diversity in personal presence, perspective, input and ideas for all work projects and activities
  5. Take time to pause, reflect, and celebrate.

Adopted September, 2013