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Super Typhoon Yutu Relief

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In mid-October 2018 our colleagues in the Commonwealth of Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI) were hit with Super Typhoon Yutu. President Trump declared a major disaster in CNMI; you can read about the impact of the storm on residents in a 10-27 FEMA update and in Washington Post coverage (10-26). People with disabilities and the UCEDD in CNMI have been severely impacted.

It's important to note that CNMI has no fresh water. All water is produced through desalination of ocean water. This is of significant concern as the power grid is anticipated to be out for 4-5 months, and is a priority for relief efforts. Also, the community college in which the UCEDD sits sustained great damage during the storm, with about 80% of the college campus (including the UCEDD building) severely damaged.

Guam, a 30-minute flight away, is collecting supplies food and water to be send once non-military flights are able to land. Floyd Masga, the UCEDD Director in CNMI, is coordinating with disability network partners in the Territory, and meeting with FEMA's Disability Integration Advisor on the ground. The disability organizations in CNMI are partnering with Red Cross and FEMA to identify individual needs for medications, oxygen, durable medical equipment, and other accessibility and healthcare needs that were compromised by the typhoon. Donations will support meeting these needs.

AUCD will channel 100% of donations for Typhoon relief efforts to the center for them to use as needed and we will keep you updated as recovery efforts progress. Donate today - we thank you for your support!



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Donate to the AUCD DREAM Fund

The world needs to hear the voices of grassroots leaders with disabilities and family members. Their wisdom and advocacy will help advance issues that will make a difference for many.

Help AUCD mobilize and lift up the voices that matter in our movement by bringing those critical voices to Washington, DC, where they can be part of important events, testify in front of key Congressional committees, and bring their first-person perspectives to national conversations about the lives of people with disabilities.

"The Dream Fund is very important because people with disabilities and families need to speak up for what they need and want, so we all can have good lives. A lot of people don't have the resources to come to Washington, DC, therefore this fund makes it possible for people to come and advocate." Liz Weintraub, Sr. Advocacy Specialist, AUCD

Join us for this year-end campaign and support the right for everyone to have a voice and advocate. Donate today!




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