What We Need - Heidi Mizell

June 26, 2020

My name is Heidi Mizell and I am a parent of young man with autism. My family is from Wilmington, Delaware. The COVID-19 emergency has kept my son from beginning his job. He was supposed to start a position in our local hospital which would have led to a certification and possibly a career. Without a regular schedule he is very difficult to motivate. He sleeps most of the day and stays up late. He is a pretty rigid man and believes he can only work out in the gym, so he isn't moving his body anymore. This has increased his aches and pains and this in turn, makes it harder for us to get him out of bed. When he has a purpose he is very good about his sleep/wake/exercise schedule. Our concern is for his health, both physical and mental health. I know you are working on the fourth relief package for COVID-19. I want to learn more about how you are going to help people with disabilities in this package. Thank you very much for your time.