What We Need - Stephanie Meredith

April 22, 2020

My name is Stephanie Meredith and I am the mother of a 20-year-old young man with Down syndrome, Andy. We are from Canton, GA. Andy is an Eagle Scout, a high school graduate, and is usually an active member of our community. Before the COVID-19 emergency, he was volunteering in local food pantries about 18 hours per week, coaching lacrosse at the local high school about 10 hours per week, working 5-10 hours per week at the local grocery store, and starting a career as a photographer and just launched his website.

The COVID-19 emergency has made it unsafe for him to continue working at his grocery store job and food pantries, the lacrosse season was cancelled, and he is selling very few photos with people needing to be conservative with their money. In addition, he has lost his community support staff member who helps him develop life skills because she is no longer able to visit our home.