What We Need - Jean Hauff

May 15, 2020

My name is Jean Hauff and I am a person with disability. I am from Minnetonka, MN. The COVID-19 emergency has impacted my education and employment. I am worried about how long distant learning will be. The COVID-19 has created uncertainty about when I will be able to go to college. I am not sure if I will continue my education through Transition next fall. It is hard to work on my reading and writing through distant learning.

I am also concerned about my employment opportunities. I was not rehired for my job with A Backyard Farm. The business is on hold due to COVID-19. My internship with Gale Woods Farm is on hold. The Farm has a hiring freeze and the employment plans are uncertain. I know you are working on the fourth relief package for COVID-19. I want to learn more about how you are going to help people with disabilities in this package. Thank you very much for your time.