What We Need - Blake

May 5, 2020

My name is Blake and I am a person with a disability. I live in Burlington, Iowa. This pandemic has taken a toll on me because I can't go anywhere and my family can't come get me to take me places like they used to, I don't even get to see my family because we can't come into contact. I used to walk to the gas station and other places but I can't walk anywhere now and I don't like that because it has been nice out on some days and I don't el like I am getting much exercise and fresh air. Staff takes us outside but there isn't much to do. I can't ride the bus either. My anxiety has become worse and I've had to change some of my meds around because of this. I can't wait until this is over, this pandemic. I know you are working on helping people though this virus, and want to know how you are going to make sure I am helped too