What We Need - Rachel

June 25, 2020

My name is Rachel, and I am a parent of a four-year-old girl with a disability. I am from Coppell, TX. The COVID-19 emergency has prevented us from accessing our regularly scheduled speech and occupational therapies. Additionally, prior to the pandemic we had started the process of having our daughter evaluated for autism spectrum disorder. This was delayed several weeks, as well; however, thankfully, we were able to be seen by a psychologist conducting telehealth autism evaluations. Despite this, and the autism diagnosis we received, I am worried about my daughter's ability to access timely early intervention services, give the closures and long waitlists that COVID-19 has caused or exacerbated. I know you are working on the fourth relief package for COVID-19. I want to learn more about how you are going to help people with disabilities in this package. Thank you very much for your time.