Cindy Cook: Mother of Three

June 14, 2017

My kids
My kids

I am a 47 year old, now single, mother of 3. Two of my children are diagnosed with high functioning autism, along with psychiatric, sensory, and other medical challenges, and my third child has medical issues as well. All 3 have ADHD and require medication.

Although I make a decent living, I have trouble affording all of the various therapies and medical care necessary to ensure that my 2 autistic children can become productive members of society and contribute to the system. I was fortunate that my 14 year old son qualified and we were able to obtain Medicaid as a secondary insurance. When he was diagnosed at 8 years old, I never knew the medical complexity I faced. Medicaid has allowed us to afford his 7 daily medications, and put him on track to function in main stream school and excel!

My kidsWe are now trying to navigate the system for my 8 year old daughter. She requires all of the same therapies, psychiatric assistance. and medical assistance as her brother, though her medical needs are different. The ability to obtain Medicaid as a secondary insurance under the same program has become so difficult that my daughter does not qualify. I am incredibly worried about her future - without the assistance of Medicaid, she is at risk of becoming a burden on the system, not a contributor like her brother.



Cindy Cook is the mother of three children with special needs from Midlothian, VA.