Genetics Grants

Grantee Invoices
This grant is cost-reimburseable not to exceed $47,500 including indirect costs per budget period. Payment on invoices will be issued to the Awardee as listed in the Contract within 45 days of receipt of proper, approved invoices. All invices must be submitted by the grantee to AUCD on a quarterly basis within 45 days after the close of each quarter. A blank electronic invoice with electronic fields can be downloaded here. Completed and signed invoices should be sent to AUCD c/o Crystal Pariseau.

Grantee Progress Reports
Grantees' progress on their projects will be tracked via electronic progress reports submitted to AUCD. Grantees will need the login and password used when applying for the grant. The schedule for progress reports for the LEND Genetic Counseling Grant is below:


Year Title Start End Due
2007 30-month report 07/01/07 12/31/07 02/15/08
2008 36-month report 01/01/08 06/30/08 08/15/08
2008 Final Project Report 07/01/05 06/30/08 09/30/08



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