Grant Guidance

LEND Genetic Counseling Grant Application


Project Description
Genetic counseling is an increasingly important component of today's health care system for the Maternal Child Health population. An expectant mother may visit the genetics department at her local hospital to determine her fetus' risk for a parent's disease or an individual may be referred to a geneticist for testing to determine the cause of a muscular tremor. A member of the medical team may notice a history of an inheritable medical disease and refer a patient to the genetics department or a couple may consult with a genetic counselor to determine what their child's diagnosis will mean for their family.
According to a 2004 LEND program survey conducted by AUCD[1], there are great differences in the level of genetic counseling content LEND trainees currently receive. A vast majority of survey respondents would like to either introduce genetic counseling as a discipline at their program or enhance the amount of genetic and genetic counseling education exposure current LEND trainees receive.
Based upon the Maternal and Child Health Bureau's interest in increasing the number and diversity of genetic counselors and the results of the AUCD survey, AUCD, with support from HRSA's MCHB, is announcing the availability of a limited number of grants to increase within LEND programs the awareness of genetics' contribution to health, training of genetic counselors and interdisciplinary leadership development.

This grant activity is intended to enhance interdisciplinary training, leadership and health care for people with developmental disabilities and their families by supporting currently funded LEND programs in their development of innovative means to increase the number and diversity of genetic counselors serving children with special health care needs and their families. By utilizing the LEND interdisciplinary training program as the forum by which to train genetic counselors, programs awarded this grant will also be increasing the knowledge and skills of other LEND trainees.
Grantees' projects will reflect interdisciplinary collaboration among relevant department within but not limited to the LEND, UCEDD, School or College of Medicine and University with which they partner. The projects will focus on increasing the number and diversity of genetic counselors trained through the LEND interdisciplinary training curricula.

All currently funded Maternal Child Health Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental and Other Disabilities (MCH-LEND) programs are eligible to apply.

Number of Awards
With funding from HRSA's MCHB, AUCD will provide support for up to three (3) grants in this competition.
FUNDS AVAILABLE Up to $47,500 per year per program. This amount includes an indirect rate of not more than 8%.
Awarded programs will receive funding beginning July 1, 2005. Programs will be notified on or around May 1, 2005 of their application's approval status.
ESTIMATED PROJECT PERIOD The projects will be funded for three (3) years, subject to the availability of funding for subsequent years and satisfactory grantee performance. The budget period will begin July 1, 2005.
INTENT TO SUBMIT DEADLINE All eligible LEND programs wishing to compete for this grant must provide AUCD with the Intent to Submit form at right no later than December 17, 2004. Intent to Submit forms are accepted via website submission only.
All applications must be submitted electronically to AUCD and received no later than February 11, 2005. Applications are accepted via website submission only.

[1] 2004 AUCD Genetics Survey. For full survey results, contact [email protected].