MCHB Joint Meetings


AUCD is pleased to sponsor the Joint Meeting of MCHB-funded Interdisciplinary Training Programs. These meetings began in 2003 and have grown from a small luncheon group to a gathering of over 150 faculty, staff, trainees, and administrators from MCHB's four interdisciplinary leadership training programs: LEND, LEAH, PPC and SPH (Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental Disabilities, Leadership Education in Adolescent Health, Pediatric Pulmonary Centers, and MCH Schools of Public Health) as well as several other MCH-funded leadership training programs including DBP (Developmental Behavioral Pediatrics) and Nutrition. The meetings focus on a topical issue of interest to all participants and the topic is chosen by a planning committee.

The meeting is typically held in conjunction with AMCHP's Annual Conference in Washington, DC, in the Spring. It is not necessary to register for the AMCHP Annual Meeting in order to attend the Joint Meeting. Staff and trainees/fellows from LEND, DBP, LEAH, PPC, and SPH programs as well as other MCH-funded leadership training programs are invited to attend this meeting, and our federal partners are always invited.


MCHB Joint Meeting



2015: Interprofessional Education in the Era of Health Care Reform

This meeting brought together grantees of several of MCHB's leadership training program investments for a day of information sharing and collaboration. Participants attended a workshop designed to focus on a skill set important for trainees to develop in order to navigate as leaders in the changing landscape: systems development and integration or change management.



2012: Innovative Practices in Training

Meeting Goal: To understand innovative practices in leadership training. Objective: To describe at least 3 innovative practices in leadership training as demonstrated within MCH training programs.



2011: Life Course



2007: MCHB Strategic Plan Workgroups



2006: Emergency Preparedness



2005: Interdisciplinary Training



2004: Transitions from Pediatric to Adult Care