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Across the States 2009: Profiles of Long-Term Care and Independent Living


Invisible Wounds: Serving Service Members and Veterans with PTSD and TBI


Racial Equity Tools


1955 Children's Bureau: Social Work

From "Social Work in Public Health and Medical Care: My Experience with Multi-disciplinary, Multi-cultural, Multi-method Prevention and Treatment" by Virginia Insley. Chapter 5: US Children's Bureau San Francisco Regional Office 1952-1955.

pdf File chapter5 childrens bureau1955.pdf [download]

Modules for Infusion into Health Specialization Courses

University of Maryland MCHB School of Social Work. The modules are designed to be flexible, intended to support already existing course content. Each module has objectives; suggested assignments, handouts and organizational resources.


Public Health Social Work Modules

UNC-Chapel Hill MCHB School of Social Work: Public Health Social Work Educational Modules (2005)


Public Health Social Work Competencies

pdf File ph sw comp2004.pdf [download]

Social Work Module From UWashington LEND

These web-based educational modules are designed to introduce UWashington LEND trainees and other health care professionals to the roles of members of an interdisciplinary team working with children with developmental disabilities and their families.


Social Work Listserve

Social Work Listserve

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