Additional Workgroups


Core Curricula Work Group (1999)

Each UCEDD and LEND designs an interdisciplinary training program, which target students from a variety of disciplines and at a variety of levels. Here, you will find information about the core courses that are offered at UCEDDs and LENDs, as well as information about those that provide minors and programs in disability studies.



Core Curricula Work Group Documents


Health Disparities Work Group (2005)

Health disparities for individuals with disabilities has been a very important topic in the health field - particularly for service providers. Given the importance of this topic, the National Training Directors Council formed a workgroup in 2005 to explore developed curricula and materials that may be useful for trainees and for training directors. The workgroup collected materials from network members related to the definition of health disparities, social/cultural factors related to health care, access to health care coverage and successful system change efforts and models. The materials were then provided to the network and training directors.


Health Disparities Work Group Documents