Committees & Workgroups


The National Training Directors Council utilizes a number of workgroups to carry out the work of the Council.


Steering Committee

The NTDC Steering Committee consists of the Council's elected officers and chairs of the various workgroups and committees of the Council.


Training Guide

The original edition of the AUCD Training Directors Training Guide was developed in the 1970s, and set a high standard. The second edition was dubbed a "touch up" of the first and was published in 1989. Over a decade later in 2001, the third edition was created.

While the concept of interdisciplinary training may appear reasonably straightforward, the operational mechanics of developing and running an interdisciplinary training program can be quite challenging. This guide, like those before it, provides a framework from which flexible and variable programs can operate to train future leaders in the field of developmental disabilities. This Interdisciplinary Training Guide is designed to assist the new training director as well as the veteran. It can help a new director consider the training program(s) offered at his/her UCEDD. Likewise, the experienced training director can use the guide to review ideas, re-think potential topics, or expand already existing offerings. We hope the guide will also assist training directors preparing for site visits and writing grant applications.

Access the 2001 3rd Edition here.


Training Guide Workgroup Documents



The Mentorship Program was developed by the National Training Directors Council to provide new training directors with a mentor who is a training director from a nearby Center or from a Center with similar characteristics. This informal network was developed to provide additional support and encouragement, and to build the next generation of training directors for the network.

For more information about the Mentorship Program, to request a mentor, or to volunteer as a mentor, please contact the Chair of National Training Director's Council.



Trainee Linkage Workgroup

The Trainee Linkage Workgroup of AUCD's NTDC works to create a network among AUCD trainees so that they may discuss their common interests and learn from their diverse experiences.


Trainee Linkage Work Group Documents



NTDC Trainee Linkage Survey 2009

Making connections and networking successfully are critical skills for young professionals and trainees. Connecting trainees will facilitate networking activities, augment educational and professional opportunities, provide information about experiences in other locations, expand interdisciplinary knowledge, enhance leadership skills and create a sense of community and shared learning among programs, students and faculty across the network. This survey attempted to better understand what types of linkage activities are currently in place and what types of linkage activities programs are considering.



NTDC Trainee Linkage Survey 2006



NTDC Trainee Linkage Survey 2005

pdf File all results summary2005.pdf [download]


NTDC Trainee Linkage Survey 2004

pdf File summary2004.pdf [download]