Application Instructions


The following instructions are for individuals who have already submitted an LOI and have been invited to submit a PHS 398 Grant Application to the CDC's National Center on Birth Defects and Developmental Disabilities.

  1. Decide if you are going to submit a full application. If you decide to submit a full application, then complete the Intent to Submit Form.

  2. Review the Research Topics of Interest (RTOIs) Peer Review Evaluation Criteria. Investigators are encouraged to address each of the evaluation criteria as it pertains to the initial project description of the RTOI. In addition, investigators should address NCBDDD technical comments (if any) made with regard to their LOI.

  3. Complete and submit the required forms and research plan. Applicants only need to complete certain PHS 398 Forms and AUCD developed forms (e.g., budget pages, biographical sketch) to submit a full application for RTOIs and I-RTOIs.
    1. View required forms and format instructions.
    2. View Research Plan and Appendix guidance. The Research Plan should include a discussion of the following and in the order indicated: a) Significance; b) Approach; c) Innovation; d) Investigators; e) Environment; and f) Ethical Issues. Note: Be sure to develop a research plan that addresses NCBDDD technical comments (if applicable) and each of the six evaluation criteria as it pertains to the initial project description in the Research Topic of Interest.

Application Submissions
All full application submissions must be submitted online by the predetermined date.

AUCD will accept full application submissions online.

Online Application Submissions
Applications should be submitted through AUCD Online Application System.  When submitting online, please be sure to:

  1. Merge documents into one file.  Please upload the complete application onto the online application system.
  2. Label all pages in the application.  Please include principal investigator name and page number on research plan, attachments and required forms in the application.  
  3. Obtain signatures. For all pages requiring signatures, you will need to acquire signatures and scan the pages to be merged into the full application file.

Once submitted, a confirmation email will be sent.

If you have questions about submitting a full application, please contact Adriane Griffen.