Letter of Intent


The Letter of Intent (LOI) is designed to provide a general overview of the proposed research activities with sufficient detail to allow for the evaluation of the merit of the proposed project. LOIs should not be longer than four pages. LOIs should address the following:

  • Proposed project's long-term goals and specific objectives
  • Concise description of research design and method including
    • Relevant preliminary studies
    • Relevant research partners or partner institutions/organizations
    • An evaluation component
    • Proposed length of the project (Investigators may request up to the number of years of project support specified in the RTOI description to which they are submitting a LOI. For investigator-initiated RTOIs, investigators may request up to 3 years of project support, but must justify the request by stating the planned activities in each year.)
  • Brief budget discussion including projected total cost. Please note that the maximum allowable indirect cost rate for full applications is 16% of direct costs. If funded, AUCD will charge an administrative fee equaling 4% of the total cost (total direct + indirect costs).

A short list of investigator publications that are relevant to the LOI topic, or that were funded through prior projects by NCBDDD, may be included in an appendix to the LOI. LOIs should not include curricula vitae.

Instructions to prepare and submit a Letter of Intent

  1. Review the Research Topics of Interest (RTOIs) description initiated by NCBDDD. If you plan to submit an Investigator-initiated Research Topic of Interest (I-RTOI), follow the same LOI submission instructions for a NCBDDD-initiated RTOI.

  2. Prepare a two-to-four page LOI for each RTOI that you have identified or each I-RTOI you would like to propose.

  3. Complete the LOI coversheet and attach the completed form to your LOI submission. Download the LOI coversheet [rtf, 47 KB]

  4. Submit your LOI online by the due date.  The submission should be a merged PDF file that includes the following documents:
    1. LOI Coversheet
    2. Two-to-four page LOI
    3. Any additional documents (i.e. short list of investigator publications)

When your LOI has been submitted, you will receive a confirmation email and your AUCD ID number. This number will be unique to you and will follow you through the entire funding cycle.

If you are unable to submit your LOI online contact Adriane Griffen to receive alternate submission instructions.

Note: You may respond to multiple RTOIs online.  


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