The complete RTOI application consists of required AUCD and PHS 398 forms, a research plan, and appendices.

If you have been invited by NCBDDD to submit a full application in response to a NCBDDD Research Topic of Interest (RTOI) or an Investigator-initiated Research Topic of Interest (I-RTOI), please structure your application to provide the following required AUCD and PHS 398 forms and additional information in the order indicated.

AUCD/PHS 398 Forms and Application Format Word PDF*
AUCD Full Application Coversheet** Word PDF
PHS 398 Form Page 1: Face Page Word PDF
PHS 398 Form Page 2: Description, Performance Sites, and Key Personnel Word PDF
AUCD Page 3: Table of Contents Word PDF

PHS 398 Form Page 4: Detailed Budget for Initial Budget Period**
Note: The maximum allowable indirect cost rate for full applications is 16% of direct costs. If funded, AUCD will charge an administrative fee equaling 4% of the total cost (total direct + indirect costs).

Word PDF
PHS 398 Form Page 5: Budget for Entire Proposed Period of Support** Word PDF
PHS 398 Biographical Sketch Format Page Word PDF

Research Plan (Must not exceed 25 pages for items A-F)

PHS 398 Checklist Form Page
(for full applications - TYPE OF APPLICATION - check "NEW application" only)
Word PDF
Appendix N/A

*PDF Forms require a full version of Acrobat Writer 6.0 in order to have the ability to edit, save, and return to your work. If you do not have a full version of Acrobat Writer 6.0 and want to save and edit your work please use the Word version of the forms.

For instructions and guidance on preparing the PHS 398 forms, please refer to the Instructions for Full Applications.

For instructions on how to complete each of the other required PHS 398 forms please refer to the specific sections on Application for a Public Health Service Grant website.

Please note that the PHS 398 Word File and PDF form pages as provided above are acceptable to submit to AUCD. All other sections of the application (e.g., the Biographical Sketch, Research Plan) must conform to the following four requirements:

  1. The height of the the letters must not be smaller than 10 point; Helvetica or Arial 12-point is the suggested font.
  2. Type density, including characters and spaces, must be no more than 15 characters per inch (cpi).
  3. No more than 6 lines of type within a vertical inch;
  4. Margins, in all directions, must be at least 1/2 inch.

Applicants may choose to use the PHS 398 continuation page(s) when additional pages are necessary. If you do not want to use PHS 398 continuation pages, please indicate the following on each additional page:

  1. The principle investigator name (last, first, middle) at top center
  2. The correct page number at bottom center