More than 31 million Americans have some type of hearing problem[i], and each day, 33 infants are born in the United States with significant hearing loss, making it the most frequently occurring birth defect. The impact of delayed diagnosis and intervention in children with hearing loss critically compromises their speech, language, and cognitive and social skills[ii]. Because of their development and age, the evaluation of hearing in newborns requires specialized training[iii]. Only half of the infants referred are generally evaluated, due, in part, to a reported shortage of pediatric audiologists and equipment[iv].  There is a clear local, regional, and national need for audiologists. Employment for audiologists is expected to increase at a rate faster than anticipated through the year 2010[v].

Based upon the Maternal and Child Health Bureau's (MCHB) interest in increasing pediatric audiology trainees, AUCD, with support from the Health Resources and Services Administration's MCHB Division of Services for Children with Special Health Needs (HRSA's MCHB-DSCSHN), is announcing the availability of a limited number of subawards to increase within LEND programs the didactic content and clinical experience in infant/pediatric audiology.


This grant activity is intended to enhance interdisciplinary training, leadership, and health care for people with developmental disabilities and their families by supporting currently funded LEND programs in their development of innovative means to increase the number of pediatric audiologists serving children with special health care needs and their families. By utilizing the LEND interdisciplinary training program as the forum by which to train pediatric audiologists, programs awarded this grant will also be increasing the knowledge and skills of other LEND trainees.

Grantees' projects will reflect interdisciplinary collaboration among relevant departments within but not limited to the LEND; UCEDD; Schools or Colleges of Medicine, Education, or others; and Universities with which they partner. The projects will focus on increasing the number of pediatric audiologists trained through the LEND interdisciplinary training curricula.


Academic institutions of higher education with an accredited graduate level training program in audiology and a LEND program currently funded by the Maternal Child Health Bureau are eligible to apply.

Number of Awards

With funding from HRSA's MCHB-DSCSHN, AUCD will provide support for up to six (6) sub-awards in this competition.

Funds Available

Sub-awards will qualify for up to $65,000 per year per program. This amount includes an indirect rate of not more than 8%.

Estimated Funding Start Date

LEND programs receiving sub-awards will receive funding as early as January 1, 2009.  Trainees at awarded programs are expected to begin as soon as possible once the awards are made.  Programs will be notified on or about December 15, 2008 of their application's approval status.

Estimated Project Period

The sub-awards will be funded for up to three (3) years, subject to the availability of funding for subsequent years and satisfactory grantee performance. The budget period will begin January 1, 2009.

Application Deadlines (Proposed)

  • Guidance released: October 7, 2008
  • Intent to apply notification due: October 17, 2008
  • Final applications due: November 14, 2008
  • Peer reviews conducted: November 17-December 12, 2008
  • Programs notified of application status: December 21, 2008
  • Project period begins: January 1, 2009

All applications must be submitted electronically to AUCD and received according to the schedule posted above. Applications are accepted via website submission only. 



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