Application Process


Apply here.

Step 1: Notify AUCD of your Intent to Apply

Interested applicants will create an account in the electronic application system. By creating an account and beginning the application process, you are notifying AUCD of your intent to submit a full application for this sub-award. 


  1. Create an account at the above location.
  2. Login and choose "apply now".
  3. Save.  You have now notified AUCD of your intent to apply.

Step 2: Complete the Application

The following outlines the LEND Pediatric Audiology Grant Application. Applicants are not required to use the questions included in the outline when preparing your application, however it should be noted that applications will be evaluated by a Review Committee based on this outline and the Evaluation Criteria.

The application should be created using the following guidelines: single-spaced, 1 inch margins, and 12-point-font.  It is recognized that sometimes these formatting guidelines might not be possible (e.g., letter of support with smaller margins); however, please make every effort to follow the formatting guidelines.

The entire application will be worth a total 100 possible points; point breakdowns for each section where applicable are noted below.

Signature Page (1 page limit)
Use this Document [word doc, 144kb]
Attach the above one-page form with assurances and authorized signature. Scan applicant's signature into the computer and insert to document.

Project Narrative (15 page limit)
Purpose (15 possible points)

  • Need
    Why is pediatric audiology important to families, people with disabilities, trainees, medical teams and your community? How will the receipt of this grant benefit LEND audiology and interdisciplinary trainees at your site? What benefit would this grant bring to your program? How will this project affect people with disabilities and special health care needs in the future?
  • Goals & Objectives
    What is/are the major goal(s) of this project? What objectives will you strive to attain during the course of this grant period?

Organization & Administration (15 possible points)

  • Staff
    Which staff members are necessary to implement this grant? How will staff be used in the implementation of this grant? (Please include as an Appendix a brief CV, resume or biography of key staff members who will be included in your budget for this grant.)

Setting (15 possible points)

  • Capacity for pediatric audiology within the LEND
    How many pediatric audiologists does your LEND program have? Are you located at a site that has graduate audiology training? (This is required to be eligible for the grant.) What resources does your LEND currently use to combine pediatric audiology into LEND? What resources does your LEND site now employ in all aspects of pediatric audiology (training, continuing education, service, etc.)?

Methodology (30 possible points)

  • Approach
    How will your LEND use the subaward to increase the number of pediatric audiology LEND trainees? What will your curriculum look like? (You may want to provide as an Appendix an outline of potential pediatric audiology curriculum to be presented to LEND trainees and for pediatric audiology trainees.) What timeline is necessary for your program's site to implement this project?
  • Trainee Recruitment
    From where will your trainees be recruited?  How will you strive to recruit and retain a diverse pool of audiology trainees?
  • Interdisciplinary Training
    How will your LEND incorporate into this project the core values of MCH interdisciplinary training? What is the extent to which this project will contribute to the advancement of maternal and child health?
  • Evaluation
    What methods of evaluation and data collection will your LEND use to address effectiveness and efficiency in accomplishing the goal of the grant? When will this evaluation take place? How often will you evaluate your project? Who is the primary person responsible for the project's evaluation?

Impact & Outcomes (25 possible points)

  • Trainees
    How many trainees do you expect to include in the first and subsequent years of this project? What level of trainee will your recruitment target? What process will you use to recruit audiology trainees for the project? (If applicable, please attach all relevant forms and applications as an Appendix.)
  • Product Development and Dissemination
    What types of products will you develop relating to the interdisciplinary leadership training of pediatric audiologists? To whom will you disseminate your products and data?
    (This project will be of interest to LEND programs who are not awarded this grant. It is required that you share your experience with this project with  LENDs and other programs at a national meeting(s).) How will you share information learned from this project with others? What findings can you project for the future years of the program at your site? How may the experiences of faculty and trainees at your site be employed in future grants programs at other LENDs? 

Budget (No page limit)

  • Budget & Trainee Expenditures
    Use this Budget Format [word doc, 144kb]
    Please provide a detailed budget outline for the project in the budget section of the application using the above document as a template. Note that the budget must follow HRSA-MCH-LEND guidelines; indirect costs will be reimbursed at 8% of total allowable direct costs exclusive of: equipment; tuition and fees; and subcontracts in excess of $25,000.
  • Budget Narrative
    Please provide a detailed explanation of the line items in the above budget. Questions to address include how you will use grant money to implement this project at your site and what portion of the grant will be used for trainees.

Appendices (15 page limit)

  • Staff Biographies
    Attach all relevant staff biographies here. Biographies may be attached as one file or separate files.
  • Letters of Support
    Attach letters of support relevant to proposed activities and partnerships here. Letters of support may be attached as one file or separate files.
  • Other Documents
    Attach all other documents and information relevant to your grant application here. Other documents may be attached as one file or separate files.