UCEDD Accomplishments through the National Service Inclusion Project (2002-2005)

October 16, 2006

Description of NSIP/UCEDD Partnership

Since 2002, the National Service Inclusion Project has awarded mini-grants to 32 UCEDDs & 1 LEND program dedicated in the efforts of cultivating working relationships among the State Commission Office, CNCS State Office, and CNCS grantees. The UCEDD/LEND programs and NSIP served as gateways to disability organizations, consumer advocacy groups, service providers and public agencies on the state and local level. As a result, the partnership between the UCEDD/LEND programs and NSIP provided national service program sites with information on how to better involve persons with disabilities and promote awareness of disability related issues of accessibility and independent living.

Highlights of UCEDD Accomplishments Over the Three Year Span

  • 93 trainings conducted; 2447 individuals impacted
  • 3,912 total number of technical assistance conducted
  • 144 different local, state & national disability organizations became partners with the UCEDDs.
  • 88 different products were developed and disseminated by the UCEDDs.
  • 40 individuals with disabilities (known) received National Service placements as a result of receiving assistance from the individual UCEDDs.
  • All 31 UCEDDs partnered with the State Commissions, while 8 UCEDDs also established strong connections with the CNCS State Offices to successfully implement the Service Inclusion Project within their respective states.
  • 2 UCEDDs (NE & AL) developed a planning or implementation grant to serve as full-pledge AmeriCorps Service Sites.
  • 3 UCEDDs awarded $1.4 million to increase individuals with disabilities in national service: The Tarjan Center (UCEDD) at the University of California at Los Angeles was awarded a $1.4 million grant from the CNCS. The Tarjan Center will manage a collaborative program with the Mailman Center (FL UCEDD) and the Center on Disability Studies (HI UCEDD) to focus on increasing the number of youth and adults with disabilities, including veterans, in national and community service. This project will rely on the collaborative efforts, resources, and expertise of the AUCD National Network, the Hands-on Network, and CNCS programs. The Hands-on Network and CNCS are the two largest national service networks in the United States.

Individual Accomplishments and Activities from 11 University Centers

Impact of the National Service Inclusion Project on the AUCD Network

Nearly three years have passed and 31 UCEDDs and 1 LEND have chosen to join the National Service Inclusion Project. In 2005, an instrument was developed to determine the awareness and current activities of national and community service programs within the UCEDD network. Review the Impact of the National Service Inclusion Project on the AUCD Network (ppt).

For information contact Paula Sotnik (Project Director) at (617)287-4343 (voice), (617)287-4350 (TTY) or George Jesien at (301)588-8252 (voice).