Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, University of Pennsylvania

University of Pennsylvania

3615 Civic Center Boulevard
Abramson Research Center, Suite 502
Philadelphia, PA 19104-4318
215-590-7474 (tel)
215-590-3779 (fax)

Center Director: Robert T. Schultz PhD
[email protected]
800-879-2467 (tel)


The Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Research Center at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia/University of Pennsylvania was established in 1990 with the support of the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development.  The mission is to enhance understanding of: (a) the causes of intellectual and developmental disabilities; (b) the impact of these tragic disorders on the affected child and his/her family; and (c) the translation of this knowledge into treatments that alleviate suffering and maximize individual potential.Establish a set of core laboratory services that would support research in the field of mental retardation and developmental disabilities.

In pursuit of this mission, the Center has remained committed to four major goals throughout the Center's 20-year existence.  The goals are:

  1. Research Support:  Our IDDRC provides its members with state-of-the-art and cost-effective core research services, essentially all of which would be otherwise inaccessible to our users.
  2. Advocacy and Educational Role:  Our IDDRC is the primary proponent of developmental disability-related research on the University of Pennsylvania campus.
  3. Career Development:  Our IDDRC encourages and supports promising young University of Pennsylvania researchers who dedicate themselves to developmental disability-related investigation.
  4. Participation in the IDDRC Network:  Our IDDRC has been a proponent of the concept - a proposition supported by NICHD - that the individual IDDRCs should coalesce into a network of leading academic institutions that will set the agenda for developmental disability-related research in the 21st century.

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