Analytical Neurochemistry

Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, University of Pennsylvania
Analytical Neurochemistry

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Core Personnel
Core Director: Michael Robinson, Ph.D.
Core Associate Director: Marc Yudkoff, M.D.

Core Keywords
Analytical Neurochemistry

Core Description

The rationale for this core is that neurochemical derangements occur in many developmental disabilities, including metabolic diseases, hypoxic injury, epilepsy, neurotoxicity, etc.


  • Measure "small molecules" (primarily amino acids and biogenic amines) of  importance to brain chemistry
  • Assay stable isotope enrichment with mass spectrometry in order to perform kinetic studies of metabolic flux, both in vitro and in people with developmental disabilities
  • Identify and characterize peptides and proteins that are important to neurologic function
  • Perform cell-based assays of physiologic processes that are important to brain function, including assays of Ca2+, calpain, caspase and ROS
  • Assist users with regard to experimental design and data interpretation

  • Cell-based assays subcore - the focus is in situ visualization of intracellular processes (Ca2+, reactive oxygen species and markers of cell death)
  • Small molecules subcore - the foci are (a) assay of amino acids and biogenic amines; and (b) assay of stable isotope enrichment to perform kinetic studies of brain metabolite turnover
  • Proteomics subcore - the focus is the identification of proteins and their post-translational modifications

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