Life Course Perspective: Webinar Library


The following presentations provide an overview of the life course perspective. For more videos and presentations, visit the MCHB webpage


The CANDLE study: Aspects of Early Childhood Development in a Shelby County, TN Population

The CANDLE Study (Conditions Affecting Neurocognitive Development and Learning in Early Childhood) is a longitudinal cohort study designed to: Evaluate 1,500 pregnant women and their children living in Memphis/Shelby County, TN from the second trimester into childhood; and Investigate the wide range of genetic, epigenetic, demographic, environmental and social factors influencing child development across urban and suburban neighborhoods.

New Bottles for Old Wine: Life Course Framework in Historical Perspective (Nov 2011)

Speaker: Jeffrey P. Brosco, MD, Ph.D

Webinar Objectives: 1. Describe how epidemiological and historical trends affect the system of care for children with developmental disabilities; 2. Explain the life course framework and how it is related to people with developmental disabilities; 3. Identify at least one way to integrate the life course framework into training professionals in the field of developmental disabilities.

New Bottles for Old Wine: Life Course Framework in Historical Perspective  


Federal Overview: MCHB's Current and Future Life Course Activities (May 2011)

Speaker: Laura Kavanagh, MPP


Moving Theory to Practice: Life Course, Social Determinants, and Health Equity Framework. The Maternal and Child Health Life Course Model.

Milton Kotelchuck presentation Video, Slides