Public Health is for Everyone


Public Health is for Everyone

Public Health is for Everyone: Inclusive Planning Toolkit for Public Health

This planning toolkit provides free resources on incorporating people with disabilities into public health planning efforts. Users can search and browse disability and health related resources by their interests and professional needs.

Resource topics include:

• Nutrition
• Physical activity
• Obesity
• Smoking prevention and cessation
• Emergency preparedness
• Accessibility

Q. What is the intended audience of the toolkit?
A. This toolkit is designed for public health professionals who already work on disability and health efforts and/or who are new to disability issues. Users are able to tailor their searches by their interests and professional needs.

Q. What types of resources are included in the toolkit?
A. Free, publicly available electronic resources are included. The toolkit includes practical resources that demonstrate how programs have incorporated people with disabilities (i.e. websites, checklists, how-to-guides, other toolkits, etc.).

Q. What resource topics are included in the toolkit?
A. Resources feature examples of how public health programs have been designed or modified to fit the needs of people with disabilities. Topics include nutrition, physical activity, and obesity efforts, smoking prevention and cessation efforts, emergency preparedness, healthcare access, and accessibility.

Q. What if a resource I am looking for is not included in the toolkit?
A. We anticipate the number and diversity of available resources will grow, as the toolkit accepts new resource submissions on a continual basis. If you or a colleague have developed a resource that fits the focus of this toolkit, we encourage you to submit it to be included.


This toolkit is developed by the Association of University Centers on Disabilities in collaboration with the Disability and Health Program, Division of Human Development and Disability, National Center on Birth Defects and Developmental Disabilities (NCBDDD), Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), as part of a Cooperative Agreement with NCBDDD/CDC.


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