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AUCD2021 Virtual Conference Closing Plenary Cheat Sheet

Did you enjoy hearing from the members of Congress who gave remarks during the closing plenary? We did! Here's a recap of the different bills that the Congressional speakers addressed in this document.



Build Back Better Act Framework Explainer: What Does It Mean for the Disability Community?

Sara Bivot and Liz Weintraub

On Thursday, October 28, 2021, President Biden released the Build Back Better Act framework (BBB) and corresponding legislative text. This expansive bill covers a wide range of social service needs, supporting direct support professionals (DSPs), health care services, the climate crisis, universal Pre-K, and other essential services. We highlight key parts of the BBB framework that impact people with disabilities and direct support professionals (DSPs) in this document.



Plain Language Fact Sheet on President Biden's COVID-19 Action Plan

Sara Bovat, MSW and Liz Weintraub

The latest vaccine guidance continues to be released based on the most up-to-date information. President Biden's COVID-19 Action Plan has been updated with the latest vaccine, testing, and mask rules. In this document we answer frequently asked questions about President Biden's COVID-19 Action Plan.



AUCD 2021 Hill Day Virtual Meeting Request

We have provided a sample script that you may individualize to set-up a meeting with members offices for the #AUCD2021 Virtual Hill Day. Note: you will need to fill in the editable fields and delete the highlighted text before sending.



What You Need to Know About "Long COVID" and Your Rights Under Disability Rights

Lauren Blachowiak, MEd and Sara Bovat, MSW

Most people who get COVID-19 recover within days or weeks of contracting the virus. However, some people experience Long-COVID conditions for weeks or even months longer. Long COVID conditions are also often commonly known as "Post-COVID conditions," "long-haul COVID," "post-acute COVID-19," "long-term effects of COVID," or "chronic COVID."

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