NCEDC Minutes

Full Council Meeting

October 21, 2005

Washington Hilton Hotel

Diane Lenz opened the meeting and welcomed the Council members. Council members introduced themselves and had an opportunity to share their current passions and UCEDD activities.

New Officers
Chair: Elizabeth Bishop
Vice Chair: Mary Mercer
Secretary: Lori Risk

New Chair, Elizabeth Bishop presented Diane Lenz, the outgoing Chair, with a gift from the Council to thank her for her leadership and mentoring.

Elizabeth reviewed the minutes from the 2004 Council Meeting. The minutes are located on the NCEDC web site. This year's minutes will also be posted on the web site. A motion was made to accept the minutes by Alan Parks, 2 nd by David Helm. Motion carried.

AUCD Board Update
Diane Lenz provided an update of the AUCD Board. One purpose of the AUCD Board Meeting is for representatives from the various AUCD Councils and Committees to update the Board on Council and Committee activities and accomplishments. The Board also discusses what to do for the next year's AUCD Meeting, and what can be done to make the meeting more accessible to more people. Distance learning was offered as an option to allow more people in the AUCD network to participate. Next year's AUCD meeting will be held October 29 - November 1, 2006 at the Renaissance Hotel in Washington, DC.

Individuals from the United Arab Emirates are guests at this year's AUCD meeting. They are asking for technical assistance from the AUCD network.

AUCD is working with congress to increase funding for UCEDDs. Three new UCEDDs are going to be funded this year. The TIPS (Training Initiative Project), which is Federally funded will be reinstated by the DD Act. The program will begin again once the new UCEDDs are up and running.

There was also discussion at the AUCD Board Meeting about disaster preparedness for individuals with disabilities. There might be resources in the future for UCEDDs to have a role in making sure the needs of individuals with disabilities are addressed in disaster planning, preparedness and response.

The Board discussed End of Life Issues for people with disabilities. The main point discussed was that disability should not be a factor in decision making regarding End of Life care.

As an Association, AUCD is moving towards more partnering across centers with various projects.

Committee Reports
Technical Assistance: Linda Tuchman
The Technical Assistance Committee focused on reactivating TIPS to highlight community education activities and to share with the rest of the network. Two have been done so far and there have been several volunteers to do more. The TIPS are archived on the web site. The committee hopes to have topic-focused telephone conferences. They did a survey of the network for potential topics. This will be addressed by the committee in the coming year.

Dissemination Committee: Elizabeth Bishop
Elizabeth encouraged people to visit the web site and to submit any recommendations/changes to her or to Lori Risk. Evette Metzger, Communications Officer for ADD is interested in assisting with the Council's dissemination efforts.

Nominations Committee: Elizabeth Bishop
The Council held elections and 27 UCEDDs voted. Results were announced at the beginning of the meeting. Kathy Olsen will continue to chair this committee.

Training Symposium: Mary Mercer
The Training Symposium at the annual AUCD meeting is planned by the Vice Chairs of all Councils. The topic for next year's meeting has not yet been selected. If anyone has recommendations for topics, please let Mary know.

NCEDC Annual Report
Diane Lenz distributed copies of the NCEDC Annual Report. (Attached) The Annual Report includes the Council's Strategic Plan.

NCEDC Steering Committee
Diane discussed the make up and role of the Steering Committee. The Committee is comprised of Chairs of all the Council's committees, the officers, as well as several at large members. The Steering Committee meets by phone 3-4 times per year. The Committee serves as a work group that keeps the Council in motion and guides the Council's activities. Please let Elizabeth Bishop know if you are interested in being part of the Steering Committee. Council Members are welcome to participate in Steering Committee conference calls at any time.

NCEDC Liaisons
The Council has a liaison for each of the other AUCD Councils in order to keep informed of what is occurring throughout the network. The liaisons attend the meetings of the other Councils.

The Multicultural Council is currently looking at their strategic plan. They have surveyed the UCEDDs and will use survey results to address the strategic plan and incorporate cultural issues.

The Interdisciplinary Service Council has completed a survey of interdisciplinary services.

The Council on Community Advocacy (COCA) has chosen to elect a consumer representative as co-chair of the Council.

The Training Directors Council has set up sub-committees to address concerns regarding curricula for health disparities, trainee linkages across UCEDDs, and trainee recruitment and retention. These work groups have completed activities and will determine what their next steps will be.

Research is now a committee and looking to become a Council. The question arose whether Centers feel there should be a Council on Research and Evaluation.

Old Business
Due to lack of time, the rest of the agenda will be suspended. Council Members were asked to join for a networking session in the lounge of the hotel after the meeting.

Evette Metzger introduced herself and discussed AUCD communication efforts.

Elizabeth Bishop reminded Council members that anyone is invited to participate on conference calls for the Steering Committee and other committees.

New Business
Diane Lenz discussed dissemination and marketing activities of the Council. Dissemination and marketing do not have a council and this committee could give people with an interest in dissemination and marketing a home. This group will work under the new Dissemination Committee Chair, Sandy Root-Elledge. They will work to do what needs to be done formally with the association with the approval of the Council. A formal vote of the council is needed. This will be done by email to capture the response of those not present at this meeting. A request for members to vote will be sent out with a copy of today's minutes.

There will be a Networking Meeting until 5:00 today in the lounge.

The Steering Committee will meet Friday morning at 7:30 a.m. The location will be posted at the Registration Table.

Diane Lenz made a motion to adjourn the meeting. The motion was seconded and passed.

Meeting adjourned at 3:30 p.m.

Submitted by Lori Risk, NCEDC Secretary