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Improving Practices with High Quality Training and Coaching

Striking a balance of training and coaching is essential for putting new practices into place as well as refining existing practices for improved outcomes. It is also essential for the design and delivery of both training and coaching to be grounded in research of adult learning principles and adult behavior change. This webinar will feature the essential components and real world examples of high quality design and delivery of training and coaching. Tools for tracking fidelity of delivering training and coaching will also be shared.  Presenter: Dr. Ronda Jenson, Director of Research; UMKC Institute for Human Development. (June 7, 2016)


How Infographics Can Enhance Your Communications Strategy

We are constantly seeking ways to best connect the content we develop, particularly research findings, with targeted audiences. It can often be difficult to translate scholarly work in a way that is impactful and accessible to the general public. The utilization of infographics is one compelling way to support dissemination objectives. This webinar discussed what infographics are, why they are important, and how communicators can take advantage of this effective approach. Presenter: Matthew Gianino, Director of Communications; UNH Institute on Disability. (April 5, 2016)



How to Communicate with Policymakers (PDF)

Presenter: Kim Musheno, former AUCD Director of Public Policy (April 7, 2015)



Marketing and Branding your UCEDD: Standing Out in Your University and the Community

UCEDDs face a two-fold challenge when branding and marketing: satisfying their University regulations and reaching a wide community audience. This presentation will discuss the importance of UCEDD branding; a cohesive, recognizable logo; and streamlined marketing materials, all to meet communication goals for University and community audiences. The conversation will be supported through examples of strategies employed by Wyoming institute for Disabilities (WIND), the Wyoming UCEDD, over the past 20 years. Presenter: Sara DiRienzo, MA, Information Specialist for the Wyoming Institute for Disabilities (WIND). (October 23, 2014)


High Impact Dissemination: 10 Cost Effective Strategies to Communicate in a Digital and Academic Environment

This webinar will discuss 10 guiding principles to ensure your communications activities will be successful and sustainable. Each principle will be reinforced by the rationale behind it, real world examples, and tools that can be used to achieve success. If time permits, there will be opportunity to ask the presenter questions towards the end. Presenter: Matthew Gianino, Director of Communications, UNH Institute on Disability. (August 28, 2014)


Web Accessibility: What it is and Why it is Important to Your UCEDD

Effective use of the Worldwide Web has become essential to a UCEDD's ability to broadly and successfully disseminate information and resources. One often overlooked facet of web design is the optimized accessibility of content and site navigation for all users, including those who rely on assistive technology. Presenters: Todd Weissenberger, University of Iowa Web Accessibility Coordinator; and Mike Hoenig, Program Coordinator at the University of Iowa Center for Disabilities and Development. (May 1, 2014)



Collaboration Between Core Functions: Supporting Families and Educating Students

This webinar will describe ways the Boggs Center, NJ's UCEDD, engaged medical students in a Distinction in Service to the Community (DISC) project aimed at meeting the need for staff training of individuals and families self-directing their supports. Faculty and staff of the Boggs Center mentored medical students as they worked with families in the development of individualized lessons for DSPs. Presenters: Caroline Coffield, Ph.D., Instructor of Pediatrics; and Colleen McLaughlin, M.Ed., Community Training & Technical Assistance Coordinator at The Boggs Center. (October 29, 2013)

Self-Advocacy Online & Research Translation: Fuller Participation for Individuals with ID/DD

Presenters: John Smith and Mark Olson, Project Coordinators, Research and Training Center on Community Living; and Hunter Sargent, Minneapolis, MN. (August, 29, 2013)

Web 2.0: 10 Years On

As we head into the second decade of Web 2.0 (and its' awkward teenage years), let's take some time to examine what Web 2.0 was, is and will become. We'll examine what role different platforms play in our workflow, communication and marketing. And we'll ask some intriguing questions: Is Web 2.0 just for nerds? Did Web 2.0 elect a President, twice? And seriously, what is Twitter for? Presenter: Jeff Coburn, Web Services Manager, Institute for Community Inclusion at UMass Boston. (June 20, 2013)


Information graphics or infographics are graphic visual representations of information, data or knowledge. These graphics present complex information quickly and clearly, such as in signs, maps, journalism, technical writing, and education. Infographics can improve cognition by utilizing graphics to enhance the human visual system's ability to see patterns and trends. This presentation will provide general information, along with tips on how to create and use infographics. Presenter: Crystal K. Pariseau, AUCD Director of Marketing and Public Engagement. (April 18, 2013)

Flipping the Classroom

The flipped classroom inverts traditional teaching methods, delivering instruction online outside of class and moving "homework" into the classroom. Presenters: Patricia Lynch, Ph.D., and Amy Sharp, Ph.D., Texas A&M Center for Disability and Development. (February 28, 2013) 



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CEDC 2017 Annual Meeting    PDF
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Recent Meeting Minutes for the Community Education and Dissemination Council can be found on the CEDC Sharepoint site at right. An account is required to access the page.


Full Council Meeting Minutes



NCEDC Steering Committee Meeting Minutes 3/23/10

doc File March 23, 2010 steering committee meeting minutes [download]


NCEDC Steering Committee Meeting Minutes 1/26/10

doc File January 26, 2010 steering committee meeting minutes [download]


2009 NCEDC Annual Meeting Minutes

Minutes from NCEDC Meeting held on November 9, 2009 at the AUCD Annual Meeting.

doc File 2009 NCEDC Annual Meeting Minutes [download]


NCEDC 2010 Workgroups

At the AUCD Annual meeting the members decided on six workgroups for this year: Direct Support, Emergency Planning, Community Training for the Future, Dissemination and Marketing, Self-Determination/Transition, and Violence Prevention. Each group identified their goals, elected chair(s), and planned training and technical assistance conference calls for the coming year. NCEDC members are encouraged to join one or more of these workgroups. If you are interested, please contact the chair of the group(s) you would like to join. More information is available at

doc File NCEDC 2010 Workgroups [download]


NCEDC Conference Call Minutes September 29, 2009

pdf File NCEDC Sept29 2009 Minutes final.pdf [download]


NCEDC Steering Committee Meeting Minutes May 5, 2009

doc File 2009 0505 minutes ncedc steering.doc [download]


Information Dissemination/Consumer Satisfaction Workgroup July 2009 Call

Conference Call notes, Collaboration Scale, and "Facilitating University and State Understanding of UCEDDs" slides from July 2009 workgroup meeting.



Information Dissemination/Consumer Satisfaction Workgroup March 2009 Call

Conference call notes, and guidance for developing accessible PDF documents, from March 2009 workgroup call.



Cary Kreutzer' handouts from presentation for the Information Dissemination Consumer Satisfaction Workgroup conference call

Conference Call, January 13, 2009


Information Dissemination/Consumer Satisfaction Workgroup

Conference Call Notes, January 13, 2009
doc File IDCS ConfCall Notes January2009.doc [download]


NCEDC Minutes

pdf File NCEDC Minutes, Feb. 09, 2009 [download]


Information Dissemination/Consumer Satisfaction Workgroup

Conference Call Notes, December 2, 2008
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NCEDC AUCD Annual Meeting Minutes 2008

doc File NCEDC Annual Meeting Notes.doc [download]


NCEDC Minutes

doc File 2007 1112 minutes ncedc.doc [download]


NCEDC Minutes

Full Council Meeting


NCEDC Minutes

Full Council Meeting


NCEDC Minutes

Full Council Meeting


NCEDC Minutes

Full Council Meeting


NCEDC Minutes

Full Council Meeting

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