Now Archived Webinar: Act Early Systems Change to Improve Early Identification of Developmental Disabilities

Now Archived Webinar: Act Early Systems Change to Improve Early Identification of Developmental Disabilities

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Learn how Montana, New Jersey, and North Carolina are leveraging and aligning their Learn the Signs. Act Early. Ambassador, Act Early State Systems Grant, and Autism CARES Implementation Grant programs to improve the early identification of developmental disabilities and Autism. Learn how the Act Early State Teams in Montana, New Jersey, and North Carolina have accomplished state and community systems change for early identification and coordination of early intervention services for children with ASD and DD through aligning and combining the objectives and activities of these three programs.

For more information on these programs, please visit:
Learn the Signs. Act Early. Ambassador Program
Act Early State Systems Grants
Autism CARES Implementation Grant

Deepa SrinivasavaradanDeepa Srinivasavaradan is a Family Resource Specialist for the Statewide Parent Advocacy Network, supporting parents and professionals at a county Special Child Health Services Case Management Unit and The Center for Neurological & Neurodevelopmental Health, a Clinical Enhancement Center for children with ASD. She is the multilingual Parent to Parent coordinator for Southern NJ, and a Medical Home Parent Partner, helping pediatricians implement best practices. She also coordinates SPAN's project to spread awareness about ACA. She was an AMCHP Family Scholar (2011-2012), is an AMCHP Family Delegate, and is on NJ's Help Me Grow team. As an immigrant parent of a son with ASD, she understands the cultural barriers that interfere with timely screening, diagnosis, and delivery of services to South Asian and other immigrant families. She is the co-leader of the "Early Screening & Diagnosis" work group of NJ's Community of Care Consortium. Her passion is early identification and early intervention for underserved children.

Elizabeth CraisElizabeth Crais, Ph.D. is Professor and Coordinator of Ph.D. Studies in the Division of Speech and Hearing Sciences of the Department of Allied Health Sciences in the UNC-CH Medical School. She has 40 years of experience in working with children and youth with disabilities. Her research interests include ASD identification and intervention, personnel preparation, and implementation of family-centered practices. She is currently an Investigator on one Institute of Education Science grants and one Autism Speaks grant, both focused in the area of ASD. She has been the Project Director or Co-Director on several Department of Education funded personnel preparation projects at both the M.S. and Ph.D. levels.




Ann GarfinkleAnn Garfinkle earned a Ph.D. in Early Childhood Special Education (University of Washington, 1999). Before arriving at The University of Montana (Missoula) where she serves as Associate Professor, she worked at the Frank Porter Graham Child Development Center at the University of North Carolina (Chapel Hill) and as an Assistant Professor at Vanderbilt University. Since arriving in Montana, she has worked on projects focusing on young children with Autism Spectrum Disorders and other Developmental Disabilities. Most recently, she has worked to develop, implement, evaluate, provide technical assistance and professional development for Montana's Children's Autism Waiver (CAW); The CAW is a Medicaid waiver program that provides intensive services to young children with a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorders. Recent outcome data suggest that approximately half of participants reach a best outcome. She has received recognition for this work by being named Montana's Council for Exceptional Children's Researcher of the Year as well as recognition from Governors Schweitzer and Bullock. Additionally, because of her knowledge of early childhood services in Montana and her experience as a reviewer, she assisted the Governor's office in Montana's Race to the Top -- Early Learning Challenge application. Additionally, she is a frequent speaker at state and national events.

Abigail Alberico, MPH, Project Manager of Public Health at Association of University Centers on Disabilities

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