Brain Imaging Core

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Brain Imaging Core

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Core Personnel
Core Director: Richard Davidson, Ph.D.
Core Co-Director: Andrew Alexander, Ph.D.
Core Co-Director: Bradley Christian, Ph.D.

Core Description

The Brain Imaging Core is central to the integration of behavioral and biological research at the Waisman Center's IDDRC. Intellectual and developmental disabilities, whether resulting from environmental factors or genetic factors, involve a pathological alteration of brain structure and/or function. Examination of such alterations is critical to our understanding of the causal pathways from environmental or genetic processes to behavioral outcome and for the development of preventive or ameliorative interventions.


The laboratory includes:

  • 3T MR scanner dedicated solely to research
  • Extensive visual, auditory and gustatory stimulation capabilities with online eye-tracking during MR scans
  • PET scanner
  • MicroPET scanner
  • Scanning simulation room with a mock scanner
  • Tandem accelerator to support the PET scanners
  • Psychophysiology facility
  • Dedicated computing facilities


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