Al-Hafis Adegun

Phone: 301-588-8252

Al-Hafis Adegun

Al-Hafis Adegun is a student intern from the Kennedy Krieger Institute. He is working with the public health team under the supervision of Tanisha Clarke to produce a program evaluation for the Association of University Centers on Disabilities (AUCD's) project, Nutrition is for everyone. His goal is to find effective intervention methods for individuals with disabilities that are struggling with obesity. From here he will see how successfully the program nutrition is for everyone is currently applying these methods with the hopes of convincing other states to adopt this strategic plan.

Al-Hafis is currently a rising sophomore at the University of Maryland (UMD), where he majors in African American studies with a concentration in Public Policy on a Pre Med track. He is a member of Delta Epsilon Mu, the largest Co-Ed Pre Health Fraternity on campus. Through this organization he participates in monthly community service events, that ranges from blood drives, fundraising for the Arlington free health clinic and helping at mental health workshops. In addition to this Al-Hafis will be a member of the Dean's Student Advisory Board for the school of Behavioral and Social sciences. Here he will have the role of creating ​programs to help the College strengthen its sense of community, and create better relationships with each academic department in hopes of being able to better address the issues and concerns of students.​ During the spring 17' semester Al-Hafis was a student ambassador at the tell-a-terp call center where he engaged in alumni outreach and helped raise critical funding. Hafis has been privileged to be a member of the Dean's list every semester at UMD so far, and he has received the Academic Excellence Award from ​Office of Multi-ethnic Student Education in addition to being a recipient of the slaughter scholarship.

Al-Hafis plans on obtaining a masters of public health before entering medical school. He is interested in doing research regarding health disparities among the African American community, with the hopes of finding potential solutions and implementing those solutions among his patients. However, Al-Hafis is very open minded and eager to learn and pursue careers in multiple disciplines that will allow him to link careers within public health and medicine.

Hafis is really engaged in political and social issues. He hopes to become a vocal activist in his community, by creating programs geared to assist under performing black students. When he is not focusing on school he enjoys working out at eppley, playing intramural flag football and spending time with close friends and family.