Anna Long

Getting to the Airport On Time: Creation and Evaluation of a Consumer-Driven Quick Reference Tool for People with Physical Disabilities

Anna Long is a 2005-2006 LEND trainee at the Oregon Institute on Disability & Development at the Oregon Health & Science University, Child Development and Rehabilitation Center in Portland, Oregon, working on a clinical internship in psychology. For this project she will be working with the Institute's Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center.

Anna Long

Anna's AUCD-ESPA sponsored project will create a consumer-driven quick reference tool for individuals with physical disabilities that will be specifically designed to address challenges in traveling from home to the airport and provide consumer-driven solutions and strategies for travelers with physical disabilities. In her project, Anna will be partnering with an existing study about transportation accessibility through the National Institute of Disability Rehabilitation and Research (NIDRR) funded Rehabilitation Engineering and Research Center (RERC).

To accomplish her project, Anna will conduct a focus group to collect information on barriers to transport to and from the airport and strategies used by people with disabilities to overcome those barriers. The quick reference tool emphasizing strategies found to be useful by travelers with physical disabilities will be created in part from suggestions of this focus group and will include simple tips from consumer experts for a smooth trip to and from the airport.

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