Disability Treaty


What is the Disability Treaty?

The Disability Treaty (known as the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities,“CRPD”) is an international treaty that was inspired by U.S. leadership in recognizing the rights of people with disabilities. It is designed to promote, protect and ensure that people with disabilities around the world can fully and equally enjoy all basic human rights, such as equal opportunities to an education, employment, and to basic health care. It is also designed to change attitudes about people with disabilities. AUCD is dedicated to ensuring that all people with disabilities around the world are provided equal human rights, and we support the Treaty.


CRPD support rally

Disability leaders rally on the Capitol steps in support of the CRPD in July 2013.

Talking Points in Support of the Disability Treaty


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Treaty Support

CRPD support

(Above) AUCD Members rally in support of the Disability Treaty
during the November 2012 AUCD Conference and prepare to visit Capitol Hill.
CRPD support


AUCD Fellow Richard Davis shows support for the Disability Treaty at a Jule 2013 rally on Capitol Hill. His sign is signed by members of AUCD's Council on Community Advocacy in support of the CRPD.


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