Act Early Ambassadors Project


2014 Ambassadors

Act Early Ambassadors expand the reach of the “Learn the Signs. Act Early.” program and support their respective state’s work toward improving early identification of developmental delays and disabilities, including autism.

Since 2011, professionals with medical, child development, developmental disability, special education, and early intervention expertise have been selected to

  • Serve as a state or territorial point-of-contact for the national “Learn the Signs. Act Early.” program;
  • Support the work of Act Early Teams and other state/territorial or national initiatives to improve early identification of developmental delay and disability; and
  • Promote the adoption and integration of “Learn the Signs. Act Early.” resources into systems that serve young children and their families.

See how Ambassadors and others across the nation are promoting early identification of delays and disabilities using LTSAE.

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See how Ambassadors and others across the nation are promoting earrly identification of delays and disabilities using LTSAE.

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2020-2021 Act Early Ambassador TA Topics and Workplan Updates

This page will hold your Ambassador workplan updates. Workplan updates will be added to this site prior to the respective Bi-Monthly TA Call. During our Bi-Monthly calls we will have designated time to discuss the Ambassador workplan updates and allow you to ask any question you may have. Please see the links below to watch updates and be prepared for our Bi-Monthly TA Calls.

  • August 2020: Annual Report Data Download
  • October 2020: Federal Partnership Updates
  • December 2020: Partnerships with Title V and Related State Level Agencies
  • February 2021: Sustaining Act Early Delegates and Managing Act Early AmbassadorTransitions