Autism CARES Act


What is CARES?

  • Autism CARES Act Summary
    • Since it was first enacted in 2006, the law has helped to expand research and coordination, increase public awareness and surveillance, and expand interdisciplinary health professional training to identify and support children and youth with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) and their families.

History of CARES Legislation


What program and activities are a part of CARES?

Summary of Programs

CARES impacts many different programs, learn more about how these programs fit within the federal government.


How does CARES impact LENDs?

  • About the Autism CARES Act
    • If Congress does not reauthorize funding under the Autism CARES Act, interdisciplinary diagnostic services for hundreds of thousands of children, training for tens of thousands of graduate students, and important research being conducted around the nation via LEND programs, would be eliminated after September 2019.

Invite Congress to be Champions!

  • Autism Caucus Fact Sheet
    • If your Congressmembers are already a part of the Autism Caucus, be sure to thank them for their support! If they haven’t joined yet, be sure to give them a call and educate them on why it’s important to you that they join!