Program Director for Training - Maryland Center for Developmental Disabilities (MCDD), A University Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities (UCEDD) at Kennedy Krieger Institute in Baltimore, Affiliated with Johns Hopkins University

Posted: Tuesday, December 12, 2017

The Maryland Center for Developmental Disabilities (MCDD) at Kennedy Krieger Institute (KKI) is seeking an outstanding Program Director for Training. The Kennedy Krieger Institute is a nationally recognized leader in developmental and other disabilities, providing services to more than 25,000 persons through 200,000 clinical visits annually. KKI also houses the largest LEND program in the country, working with the MCDD to provide training to more than 1000 trainees from 15 disciplines. The MCDD enjoys leadership in evidence-based decision making, self-advocacy, medical-legal partnerships, special education leadership, data systems for UCEDDs, and partnering with other UCEDDs to accomplish mutual goals. Salary and benefits are very competitive. Academic standing is a potential for candidates at one of several universities depending on background and credentials.

The successful candidate will be a critical player in the MCDD's leadership team, and will be expected to oversee and develop the MCDD's training programs (across the lifespan) and to work with multiple partners to accomplish the MCDD's goals. This person will also be expected to be productive with federal and state grants and contracts. The position's critical responsibilities include:

1.  Oversee the development of funding mechanisms for the MCDD's training programs including
     grants, contracts, and other options with a focus on Federal funding mechanisms and state
2.  Develop, implement and evaluate training systems and resources for personnel and consumers  
     involved in work with children and adults with developmental disabilities and their families.
3.  Develop and evaluate MCDD's trainees in the areas of public health, community health, special  
     education law, and other disciplines.
4.  Develop training partnerships to promote funding and resources for training projects.
5.  Provide oversight for training resources such as event planning, curriculum development, and
     learning technology staff.


•   Minimum of 2 years working in a University Center on Excellence in Developmental Disabilities 
•   Minimum of 3 years of experience developing, implementing, and evaluating teaching and/or
    training systems (including curriculum development) for staff, families, and agencies working with 
    persons with developmental disabilities.
•   Demonstration of successful publications, grant writing, and academic productivity.
•   At least one example of a successful significant state or federal grant or contract.


•   Development of courses in disabilities studies or similar work.
•   Existing grants or contracts to support training projects.

To apply go to and enter the Job ID # 3177