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Tuesdays with Liz: Amina Shaaban and Angie Stone MacDonald Discuss Disability in Tanzania

In this week's edition of 'Tuesdays with Liz: Disability Policy for All,' Liz interviews Amina Shaaban who is a ADA Professional Fellow from Tanzania, about her work in Tanzania with the Save the Children, along with Angie Stone-MacDonald, Amina's project mentor at the Institute for Community Inclusion at the University of Massachusetts-Boston .



Professional Fellows Program for Inclusive Disability Employment

The deadline for host applications is January 12.

AUCD is excited to announce that the host application for the International Professional Fellows Program for Inclusive Disability Employment (PFP-IDE) is now open. PFP-IDE is a new U.S. Department of State professional exchange program that will enable 20 emerging leaders in inclusive employment from Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda to participate in a five-week Fellowship in the U.S. where they will learn about disability rights and inclusive employment.



Tuesdays with Liz: ADA Fellow Fiorella Guerrero on Disability Advocacy in Peru

In this week's edition of Tuesdays with Liz: Disability Policy for All Liz interviews Fiorella Guerrero Calle, who was an ADA fellow from Peru and works for World Vision, about life for children with disabilities in Peru.



Research Connections in Japan (MT UCEDD)

Dr. Sumi Kato, a Professor from Aomori Chuo Gakuin University and the Research Center for Child Mental Development at the Hirosaki University School of Medicine, visited the Montana and Idaho UCEDDs in September. She is seeking U.S. research partnerships to investigate the similarities and differences of linguistic behavior in autistic children and adults.



New Release - #RDSJ Volume 13 Issue 3 of Review of Disability Studies

We are excited to announce the publication of Volume 13 Issue 3 of Review of Disability Studies, an international, peer-reviewed journal. Discover diverse voices in this issue ranging from Self Advocates, Rehabilitation Counselors, Creative Writers, Influential Bloggers, and Education Experts.



Call for Papers: Special Forum Fall 2018 (HI UCEDD/LEND)

This Call for Papers proposes a forum on the subject of shame and disability, broadly conceived. It is hoped that through critical discourse addressing the historical and current contexts, contributing factors, effects, and responses to shame, greater understanding of this phenomena will diminish discrimination and violence



Call for Proposal - Dismantling Ableism: The Moral Imperative for Leaders - Volume 14 Issue 3

How do we prepare leaders to address both institutional ableism and racism in systems such as discipline and disability classification? How do educational leaders take on activist roles for inclusion and social justice? What does the future of leadership look like when exploring issues through an intersectionality lens? What do other professional university preparation programs, such as Health, Policy, Human Services do to cultivate the moral and ethical leadership necessary to change existing systems?



Spring 2017 ADA International Fellowship Hosts Selected for International Inclusive Education Travel

AUCD is excited to announce that four network members have been selected to travel to Kenya, Tanzania and Brazil through the ADA International Fellowship Program, an inclusive education professional exchange initiative sponsored by the U.S. Department of State and administered by AUCD and ICI-UMass Boston. Dr. Martin Blair, Director of the Montana UCEDD, Dr. Wendy Parent-Johnson, Director of the South Dakota UCEDD, Dr. Evan Borisinkoff, Director for Research and Evaluation at the North Dakota UCEDD, and Amy Starble, Augmentative Communication Consultant at the Vermont UCEDD, will support local ADA International Fellows who studied inclusive education at their UCEDDs in April and May as they implement projects designed with their guidance earlier this year.



The Latest Issue of #RDSJ is Out

Volume 13 Issue 2

The latest issue of the Review of Disability Studies is out! Dive into this issues' topics ranging for Disability Studies in Physical Recreation, Social Participation of Children, Immigrants in Australia, Anxiety as a Tool for Critical Disability Studies, Film Genre and Mental Illness and much more.



ICI Partners with AUCD to Host ADA International Fellows from Tanzania and Kenya (MA UCEDD/LEND)

AUCD partnered with ICI-UMass Boston to host the ADA International Fellowship Program on Inclusive Education, which is sponsored by U.S. Department of State Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, to host Fellows from Tanzania and Kenya. Heike Boeltzig-Brown and Miwa Tanabe worked with AUCD to identify and recruit 20 mid-career professionals from Brazil, Kenya, Peru, and Tanzania, who have come to the US for 5 weeks and are working with faculty and staff at UCED's around the states. The Fellows learned about best practices in inclusive education in the U.S. and then will apply what they learned in an individualized inclusive education project or initiative that they will implement upon return to their home countries.



Armenian Delegations Visit MN UCEDD

Two delegations from Armenia visited the Institute on Community Integration (MN UCEDD) in April as part of a project funded by UNICEF Armenia focusing on inclusive education. The collaborative project between ICI and Armenian State Pedagogical University (ASPU) is titled, Enhancing the Inclusion of Children and Youth with Disabilities in Armenia: University of Minnesota/Armenian State Pedagogical University Partnership. The nine visitors spent two weeks in Minnesota, meeting with Renata Ticha and Brian Abery, who are ICI's co-directors on the project, and visiting other sites related to inclusive education. "Self-advocacy and advocacy for people with disabilities were two important concepts the delegations wanted to learn about and to explore with ICI colleagues and with self-advocates," says Ticha. The delegations included Karine Harutyunyan, the Deputy Minister of Education of Armenia; Mher Melik-Bakhshyan, the Pro-rector of Special Education at Armenian State Pedagogical University; as well as additional ASPU faculty and several education officers from UNICEF Armenia.



Easter Seals Iowa Assistive Technology Center (AT) visited South Africa (IA UCEDD)

Tracy Keninger, Director of the Easter Seals Iowa Assistive Technology Center (AT) visited South Africa in March to provide consultation relating to implementation of new legislation that is similar to the Americans with Disabilities Act. During her week long stay, she visited several child care centers, residential facilities, and rehabilitation facilities for individuals with disabilities. She also spoke with many organizations, families, and individuals with disabilities regarding current challenges and needs. In response to the overwhelming lack of basic assistive technology to support mobility, activities of daily living, and recreation, Keninger will be returning to South Africa in August with a group of Occupational Therapy students and volunteers to design assistive technology and modify devices from locally available materials and supplies.

Grad students (L-R) Vineeta Ram & Kathryn B. Duke work on the PRIDE project with researchers Rooshey Hasnain & Mansha Mirza


Linking Refugees with Disabilities to Employment in Illinois (IL UCEDD)

Transnational refugees with disabilities are left out of many social service provisions typically provided to refugees. The Institute on Disability and Human Development (IDHD) at the University of Illinois at Chicago has received a three year grant funded by the National Institute on Disability, Independent Living, and Rehabilitation Research (NIDILRR) to address the support needs of refugees with disabilities.



When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth

A short film about autism, robots and dinosaurs

The story is about C.J., an 8-year-old boy with autism who lives in an imaginary world of dinosaurs. He spends every lunch and recess alone because he has no friends and so plays with dinosaur games or puzzles. With the aid of a 2-foot tall robot named KIWI, his life is going to change.



VT UCEDD Faculty Internationally Recognized for Supported Employment Program

The Zero Project, funded through the Essl Foundation, is a worldwide institution that finds and shares models improving the daily lives and legal rights of people with disabilities. Each year the Zero Project focuses research on a specific theme from the United Nations Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities (UN CRPD). The project publishes a report and organizes their annual conference around the selected theme. Its findings and practices are presented globally at events like the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva and the UN CRPD's Conference of State Parties in New York. Themes the Zero Project has focused on include education, independent living, accessibility, and this year's topic of supported employment.

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