Virtual Trainee Rene: January 2007

January 23, 2007

This year has flown by with many opportunities for learning and leadership through the virtual trainee position, AUCD network, and my LEND traineeship. I hope that other trainees have taken advantage of the incredible opportunities we are afforded through our experiences as trainees in this network. It was great to meet fellow trainees while attending the AUCD Annual Meeting and Conference in Washington DC and I look forward to seeing more trainees at the Disability Policy Seminar in March. As the virtual trainee, my goal is to increase trainee involvement in the network and links across sites. Here's a brief summary of my plans for upcoming opportunities for trainee involvement.

  • Trainee Liaison between the VT and your site:
    • Encourage active involvement in the AUCD network at your UCEDD or LEND
    • Trainee linkage opportunities
    • Enhance leadership skills
  • 2007 Disability Policy Seminar: New Congress, New Opportunities
    • March 4-6, 2007 in Washington DC
    • Create connections among trainees present
  • Trainee Research Forum
    • Share your research or projects with other trainees
    • Generate ideas for projects

Look for my emails regarding these upcoming opportunities for involvement and professional development!