UCEDD/LEND Interdisciplinary & Interagency Transition Activities, Programs, or Projects

Transition Resources

UCEDD/LEND Interdisciplinary & Interagency Transition Activities, Programs, or Projects

Information by State

Full Center and individual contact information as well as select program information can be found on the AUCD website and network directory at www.aucd.org/directory.

State & Center




USC UCEDD at the Children's Hospital Los Angeles at the University of Southern California

Cecily Betz, Co-chair of Health Care Transition Research Consortium

  • Nurse-led self-sustaining transition program
  • Annual Research symposium


Tarjan Center at the University of California Los Angeles

Olivia Raynor, Director

Wilbert Francis, Director of Open the Doors to College

  • California Consortium on Postsecondary Education for People with Developmental Disabilities (here)
  • California Employment Consortium for Youth and Young Adults with ID/DD (CECY) (here)
  • Open the Doors to College (here)


Center for Disabilities Studies at the University of Delaware

Ilka Riddle, Associate UCEDD Director at University of Ohio, Cincinnati (formerly of the University of Delaware)

Eileen Mary Sparling, Project Director

Brian Freedman, Director, TEEM Unit 

  • Healthy Transition Workshop Series (here)
  • Healthcare Transition Initiative/Clinics
  • State-wide healthcare transition taskforce
  • Related Publications (here)
  • Transition Education and Employment Unit (here)
  • Pathways for Life
  • Junior Partners in Policymaking
  • Employment Services
  • Career and Life Studies Certificate
  • TEEM Projects


Center on Disability Studies at the University of Hawaii at Manoa

Robert Stodden, Principal Investigator 

Eric Folk, Project Coordinator

  • Dual Enrollment with Individualized Supports Project (here)


Indiana University School of Medicine, Center for Youth & Adults with Conditions of Childhood

Erin Gladstone, Program Manager 

Mary Ciccarelli, Medical Director

  • Indiana Transition Book: A Book for Me and My Friends! (here)
  • Transition Interdisciplinary Clinic (here)
  • Be Your Own Boss Chronic Disease Self-Management Program for youth and young adults


Center for Disabilities and Development at the University of Iowa

Bob Bacon, Director

Judy Warth, Career Connections Program Liaison

  • Career Connections (here)
  • Success Stories (here)


Lifespan Institute at the University of Kansas

Wendy Parent-Johnson, Director of South Dakota UCEDD (formerly of the Kansas UCEDD)

  • Girls at Work (here)
  • Systems in Sync Health Care Transition Model (here)


LSUHSC-Human Development Center

Phil Wilson, UCEDD director and Project Co-PI 

Richard Hall, Project Coordinator

  • Postsecondary Education for All Collaborative - a TPSID Dual Enrollment with Individualized Supports Model Project (here)


The University of Montana Rural Institute

Ellen Condon, Transition Projects 

  • Partnerships for Transition (here)
  • Youth Corps Project
  • Graduate to Work
  • Transition Toolbox (here)
  • Emerging Leader Stories (here)


Institute on Community Integration at the University of Minnesota

Jean Ness, Technical Assistance

  • Community Integration Transition Committees (125A.22 of MN Statute)
  • E-Connect Mentoring Program, a school based mentoring program (here)
  • Connecting Through Services Project (student engagement intervention) (here)
  • Expanding the Circle Curriculum (here)

New Hampshire

Institute on Disability at the University of New Hampshire

JoAnne Malloy, RENEW Project Director

David Hagner, FCTP Project Director ([email protected])


  • RENEW (Transition for students with emotional or behavioral disabilities) (here)
  • Family-Centered Transition Planning for students with Autism Spectrum Disorders (here)

New Jersey

Elizabeth Boggs Center on Developmental Disabilities at the University of Medicine & Dentistry of New Jersey

Deborah Spitalnik, Director 

  • Interagency Transition Group is facilitated by the Center
  • Pathways to Adult Life (here)

New Mexico

Center for Development and Disability at the University of New Mexico

Tanya Baker-McCue, Division Director

Anthony Cahill, Division Director

  • New Mexico Medical Home Portal
  • New Mexico Youth in Transition Peer and Family Support Program
  • New Mexico Alliance for Postsecondary Education for Students with Intellectual Disabilities
  • New Mexico Postsecondary Education Peer Mentor Training Curriculum (here)
  • New Mexico Disability Youth Leaders Project
  • Summary Report: An assessment of opportunities for, and barriers to, postsecondary education in New Mexico for students with intellectual disabilities
  • Southwest Conference on Disability: A Special Emphasis Strand: "Transition from Adolescence to Adulthood"

New York

Westchester Institute for Human Development at New York Medical College

John Maltby, Community Services 

Naomi Brickel, Project Coordinator, Project SEARCH & Think College

  • Project SEARCH: Employment (here)
  • Think College: Postsecondary Education (here)
  • Housing Resources for people with I/DD (here)
  • Individualized supports and Services: Service Coordination, Person-Centered Planning, Benefits Navigation, Guardianship Guidance (here)
  • "My Health, My Choice, My Responsibility" curriculum and app (here)  


Nevada Center for Excellence in Disabilities at the University of Nevada-Reno

Stephen Rock, Director

Scott Harrington, Vocational Rehabilitation/ Employment

  • Community Based Employment Initiatives - Regional forums (here)
  • Customized Employment Success Project (here)
  • Career Exploration Summer Camps

North Carolina

Carolina Institute for Developmental Disabilities at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Deborah Zuver, Director, Project STIRS

Donna Yerby, Adult Clinic Coordinator

  • NC Postsecondary Education Alliance (here)
  • NC Postsecondary Education Capacity-Building Summit (here)
  • Presentations from co-facilitators at state conferences

North Dakota

Center for Persons with Disabilities at Minot State University

Brent Askvig, Director

Janet Green, A-STEP Project Director (1-800-233-1737)

  • A-Step (TPSID) (here)
  • Personal Stories: Contact Janet Green


Nisonger Center at The Ohio State University

Margo Izzo, Associate UCEDD Director

  • Project SEARCH (here)
  • Summer residential learning communities delivered by OSU & Ohio State School for the Blind
  • Transition specialist program (indicator 14 data showed positive outcomes)


Center for Interdisciplinary Learning and Leadership at the University of Oklahoma Health Science Center

Valerie Williams, Director

  • Core Competencies for Interpersonal Collaborative Practice (here)


Institute on Development & Disability at the Oregon Health & Science University

Don Lollar, Director

Charles Davis, Community Liaison

  • Self-Determination Academies
  • Youth-led Transition Programs: Emerging Leaders (mentoring & theater company) (here)
  • Lollar, DJ (ed). Launching into Adulthood: An Integrated Response to Support Transition of Youth with Chronic Health Conditions and Disabilities. Brookes Publishing: Baltimore. 2010. Contributors: George Jesien, David Johnson, Sue Swenson, and Bonnie Strickland


Institute on Disabilities at Temple University

Celia Feinstein, Co-Executive Director

Amy Goldman, Co-Executive Director

Kathy Miller, Director of Supports and Services

  • Academy for Adult Learning (here)
  • Augmentative Communication and Empowerment Supports (here)
  • Empowered Voices: Transitioning Youth and Families Discovering Authentic Lives

Rhode Island

Paul V. Sherlock Center at Rhode Island College

Claire Rosenbaum, Community Supports Navigator Project

Mark Gunning, Master Teacher/Transition

  • Self-Directed Supports (here)
  • Community Supports Navigator Project (here)
  • Transition Folder (PDF here)

South Dakota

Center for Disabilities at the University of South Dakota

Wendy Parent-Johnson, Director

  • Plan It Live It
  • Self-Directed Futures
  • Heartland Individual Health Plan and Transition Project


Center for Persons with Disabilities at Utah State University

Jeff Sheen, Transition Project Coordinator

Robert Morgan, Director, Utah Transition Action Team

  • Utah Transition Action Team (here
  • Project PEER (here
  • Interagency Outreach Training Initiative: Supported Education for Young Adults with Psychiatric Disabilities (contact Scott)
  • MS/MEd Transition Concentration (here)
  • New Community Opportunities Training and Technical Assistance subcontract with Independent Living Research Utilization (ILRU) (here
  • Utah Statewide Independent Living Council - Youth Leadership Committee (here)


VT Interdisciplinary Leadership Education for Health Professionals at the University of Vermont

Stephen Contompasis, Vermont LEND Director

Nathan Blum, Philadelphia CHOP LEND Director


Waisman Center at the University of Wisconsin-Madison

Daniel Bier, Associate Director

  • Healthy and Ready to Work (here)
  • Survey of paraprofessionals caring for individuals with disabilities
  • Transitioning Health Care Checklist (here)
  • Person-Center, Asset-Based Approach Report (PDF here)
  • Transition Fact Sheets (PDF here)
  • 3-part training guide (PDF here)
  • Guidelines for Employers (PDF here)
  • Self-Determination Guide Prepared by Paraprofessionals (PDF here)
  • Real Life Stories (PDFs here and here)


Health Care Transition Resources 

Transportation Resources

  • Project Action Initiative
    • Mobility Options in Your Community
    • Building a Transportation Education Continuum
  • Building Awareness in Accessible Transportation: Transit Assessment Guide for Students, Families and Educators (here)

Self-Determination Resources

  • National Gateway to Self-Determination (here)
  • Zarrow Center for Learning Enrichment, University of Oklahoma (here)
  • Beach Center on Disability, University of Kansas (here)