Fact Sheet 57: Respite for Adults with Mental Health Disorders

October 19, 2011

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pdf File FinalRespite for Caregivers of Adults with Mental Disorders Final Oct 2911.pdf (291KB) [download]

Fact Sheet 57: Respite for Adults with Mental Health Disorders was written by Diane Elmore, PhD, MPH, Associate Executive Director of the Public Interest Government Relations Office at the American Psychological Association (APA). Because of the unique nature of their respite needs, this fact sheet focuses on respite for family caregivers of individuals with mental health issues who are between the ages of 18 and 60. It is meant to assist state agencies, Lifespan Respite grantees and their collaborators, and respite providers by increasing their understanding of the unique needs of this population and their family caregivers. Such insight and direction will help State Lifespan Respite programs and others develop strategies to increase respite quality, access, and capacity for this population through partnerships with community-based services and enhanced provider recruitment and training efforts. It is also intended to offer resources for family caregivers seeking to expand respite opportunities for themselves and others